How do I go about getting a resume writing/business card business off the ground?

I am very good at writing resumes for other people. Im also very creative so I'm quite sure that I would be successful with creating business cards... Any ideas as far as how to advertise and how to get this thing fired up??

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    I'd start on local college campuses. These individuals are most likely to need your services if you talk yourself up to be a unique, qualified individual. Most college students find themselves frustrated with the lack of advising and attention they receive as individuals, and they are at their most vulnerable since they will soon be moving into the "real world". Start with simple flyers around campus and online posts on college related websites.

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    4 years ago i could use this website to collect information regarding the kind of employer you're desirous to start. additionally they assist you prepare a employer plan do you need to would desire to acquire financing. Alot of cases, there are community small employer companies that like to help get marketers such as your self up and working. If it became me, i could even attitude the different employer college proffessors at your college. whether they cant assist you they may well be waiting to show you to somebody who can. Are you desirous to import the components you employ to make your product and export what you're making? except youre waiting to purchase in super parts, determining to purchase from a larger half and young little ones wholesaler who has achieved the importing for you may extra advantageous than probably be the extra value effective thank you to bypass approximately it. sturdy luck!

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    advertise in schools,libraries and unemploymentt offices and adv

    . adv. adv. in area newspapers&fliers and suoermarkets and grocery/laundromats etc.

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    Your on the right track being here.

    also check out

    good luck

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