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Rotoscope & Wacom?

I'm getting ready to do a major rotoscoping project.

I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get a tablet?

I'm looking at the wacom graphire4, as I don't have a lot of bucks to put out. Would this be a worthy purchase for what I'm using it for? I use photoshop, AE, and Ulead Video paint. Will it work with all of these programs?

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    Well, since I have no experience in rotoscoping or know what "AE" is, I can only half-reply here...

    For a person who grew up drawing on paper and would like to illustrate on a computer in a similar manner, a tablet (and Wacom is one of if not the best producers of graphic tablets) makes all the difference in the world. Using a stylus over a computer mouse makes illustration work easier, faster and fun.

    Recent versions of Photoshop actually have elements which are designed exclusively for tablet users; for some settings, how hard you press a stylus (or the "pen-like" part of a graphic tablet) effects how much or little ink (paint/whatever) is applied in a stroke, how concentrated is the flow of a 'airbrush'...even (for the more pricier tablet models and again, at the proper setting) how the stylus is *tilted* can influence a stroke.

    Assuming Ulead Video Paint (I've never used that application either) has less features than Photoshop, I'd assume working with it and a stylus would be less dramatic in difference than a mouse.

    I still use a mouse most of the time I'm using a computer except when illustrating; then, my mouse gathers dust.

    Anyways, I'd suggest that instead of the graphire4, you eBay for someone's old intuos (which is selling [used] for about the same price or less). Even if the dimensions are the same, the intuos has like 1024 degrees of pressure sensitivity as opposed to the graphire's 512, plus the graphire doesn't support tilt responsiveness. Finally, I've read that the graphire has a limited 'shelf life' while the pricier wacom models are more durable

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