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How do you help someone elses kid?

My daughter's best friend may be in trouble at home. I care & want to help. How do you deal with the parents respectfully and still make a difference in this amazing kids life?

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    Talk to the kid about it.Has he told you anything? what are the issues?

    Can you get an assesment as to what type of people the parents are from the child?

    The only thing i can say..with the information given is to maybe appraoch them head on and tell them what the kid has told you and just explain that you are concerned and wanted to enlighten them on whats going on with him.

    It's a very hard thing to do....I know.Depending on what type of people they are.they could get offended and take what you are saying the wrong way and fly off the handle or deny things.Or they could listen and speak to their child.Just use your words carefully.Or get to know them a little bit b4 approaching them.

    If you feel that the child is in danger...,abused in any way....just go straight to the authorities, dont bother talking to the parents.

    And if it is nothing so serious and you know that you cannot approach the there for him in anyway you can.Talk to him as much as possible and praise any good he does.Just be his #1 fan.And try not to do anything that will disobey his parent's wishes...this could cause them to no longer allow him to visit.

    Again, that is the best i can offer w/o knowing the situation.

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    You might try asking a teacher or your pediatrician for advice on this one. They are trained to know what to do in a situation like this, and should be able to advise you on how to proceed with the problem whether it is big or small.

    A related suggestion for you - try to be a trusted resource for your daughter's best friend. An adult she can trust. That may be worth more to her than any material help you might provide - depending on what the trouble is of course.

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    does this child want help? If so approach the parents if their really is a problem or best yet approach the school she is at and let them deal with it and let your daughters friend know that she is ALWAYS welcome at your place. It is hard to answer when you don't give ages or what the problem is. If is is illegal then go to the police or child services

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    what kind of trouble are you talking about?? is she being bused or neglected or what?? Have you ever heard the song called "alissa lies??"

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