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Is a 6" penis small?

My penis is 6" and I think it is small. It is one of the main reasons I'm afraid of hooking up with a girl.

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    No its average

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    4 years ago

    there is easily an operation that lengthens a guy's penis. right here's the seize. you do not have a decision how lengthy you want to elongate it. because the physician defined, there is area contained in the penis that is separated/lengthened by an accepted of one million inch. Now all and multiple is diverse. the most he suggested he change into able to elongate a penis is two inches, yet that change into an severe case. On some occassions it change into really a nil.5 inch. yet like I suggested, a million inch is the common almost consistently.

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    Be happy with what you have, some people are smaller. But what is even worse is the guys who are as long as 16"s yes I have seen them in the gym. They don't even get hard enough to have intercourse and if they do women are afraid of them. They can never insert them all the way in any human and no one can suck them all the way in. I am glad I am above average at 6.5" But average is 5" from the info I have read. I am more than a mouthfull and can make my partner squeal with joy.

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    1 decade ago

    since 6 inches is slightly above average for an adult male, why woudl you even be thinking you are small? Have you been watching too much porn where alll the guys fluff up to and use neat camera angles to look monstrous or have you been spending too much time listening to those guys at the pool hall brag about how big their weiners are? In any event, relax and enjoy what you have since it is fine and anyone who says otherwise doesn't know beans about penis size.

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    Well, 6 inches is not big, but not that small either. It can be lots of fun, BUT again, it can not. If you're one of those who dig their chin into your shoulder and make weird horsey noises until its all mysteriously over (in about 15 seconds) then you will feel like you're not even in, 6,4,11, no difference. Well, maybe 11 would be a difference, but not much, because 15 seconds and no passion are the real crimes. And by passion I don't mean you being horny, but that love of making love that makes you fnd ways to last enough to please your lady. Even if she's not your lady, if you're good in bed the voice will spread and you will get loads.

    Be sexy, be sweet, be a good kisser and surround the girl with attentions, just don't lie ( like "I love you" if you don't). Most girls won't know whats what after that. And that's because there are SO MANY lousy lovers who think they're so great out there, guys who think that getting it up is already awe inspiring enough, and their own pleasure, as quickly as possible of course, is the object. NOT! There are hookers for that, thanks.

    Just try not to last 15 seconds, don't dig the chin in her shoulder, spare a thought for her pleasure, and actually have something to say beforehand, and everything should be allright.

    Personally, I think that below 7" is not worth the hassle.

    I mean, why wasting time faking to make the loser happy when you could be reading a book? In fact, I think guys should go around with a size placard sticking somewhere, to avoid disappointment and annoyance. But that's personal opinion.

    And by the way, DON'T buy the " size doesn't matter" line, I'd like to see these very understanding and oh, so superior ladies having a good " doesn't matter" time with a 1 inch guy. Fat chance.

    Size might not be everything, over 5-6 inches, maybe. If you've got lots of imagination, and are probably thinking of something else anyway, like getting married, the ideal of love you've always dreamed of, or doing someone bigger. Or better looking, famous, whatever.

    Hey, someone had to be honest, right?

  • 1 decade ago

    No, and really why you asked this question is really for to see what response you would get.

    And just for your reassurance because someone has told you otherwise.

    Evidently, you need to move on.

    And also I hope you get all the reassurance that you need also

    sex does not make the whole of any relationship.

    I believe someone said how you use it is more important than size.Also ask yourself will she still love you when you cant use it?

    Good Luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    It just about makes it, but as there are so many girls who think size doesn't matter don't be afraid to hook up with them. They might have never seen a bigger one, who knows.

    I've read someone here writing that the average is 4". I sincerely hope not! 4 inches is tiny! Why bother????

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    Someone asked Abraham Lincoln how long a man's legs should be. He replied, "Long enough to reach the ground". Develop a good character(honesty, communication, integrity, good work ethic) and you'll attract a woman who doesn't care that you're average.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ugh, this is a gross question but I'm going to answer it anyway. Your thingy is just right. Seriously. You're the right size in that department -- not too small and not too big.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, thats not small its a normal size. If a girl tells you that your too small, she is obviously a s lut who has a big gaping vagina. Why else would those types of girls want huge penises?

  • 1 decade ago

    You are average buddy, if not a bit above - enjoy it!

    Not too many ladies like a whopper, you will be much better with you average dropper.

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