Why is it so hard to get a boyfriend?

I'm 16, almost 17, I think i'm OKAY looking, and I act fairly normal. A lot of my friends have boyfriends, and I feel alone a lot of the time. So why am I ALWAYS the single one???? I Hate it so much....I had a boyfriend 4 months ago... but thats over. Someone give some advice. :(

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    no its not. i bet a boy has already a huge crush on you, but he may be too shy to tell you. n they may be waiting 4 you 2 move on coz they are assuming that you still need time or somethin. just wait, someone will come to you.

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    Cannot say exactly why, but loads of people are in the same boat. It is probably an issue that has to do with approachability---maybe guys are nervous at this age, who knows. Never be envious of your friends---they may or may not have the very nicest guys--maybe they settled on just anyone to have somebody--PLEASE wait until you attract a real nice respectful guy, don't just settle. Make sure you are looking good--Clean hair, teeth and nails--dress your age and talk like an educated person. Sometimes guys are put off by a 16 or 17 year old who dresses like a TRAMP AND LOOKS LIKE THEY NEVER SHOWER...AND TALK LIKE AN IDIOT. SET YOUR SIGHTS HIGH AND PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD, i GUARANTEE YOU WON'T BE ALONE MUCH LONGER

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    Getting them is easy. Keeping them is the hard part.

    Ask yourself why would a guy want to go with you? What do you have to offer a guy besides sex? Are you cheerfull or are you bitchy? Do your boyfriends know where you draw the line? Are you looking for decent and nice guys or are you looking for bad guys that you think you can tame?

    Go find a nice guy and tell him your not having sex until your married. If he still calls, then treat him nice and you should have a good BF and a good life.

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    I think you should focus on yourself, rather than on a boyfriend. A boy isn't going to change the loneliness you feel. GET yourself involved in some organizations (school, church, civic) and meet alot of different people...girls and boys. You'll be having so much fun you won't be alone and having a boyfriend won't be your priority.

    ENJOY being 16...have the time of your life.

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    For what it's worth, I'd say you really don't need a boy - friend just to fit in or because of how your friends may appear. To me, those motives aren't good enough. My nickles worth is to try and be happy with yourself and enjoy being who you are with or with-out the boyfriend. If you shine with happiness, confidence and the like, those boys will show... and be picky about whom you choose...

    Don't rush it.. it'll come soon enough ,

    In the mean time.. I'd suggest focusing on education and a career.

  • It is hard sometimes after a break up to get took off again..It seems like the end of the world, but nice people finish last..most guys are in to no commitment, so they kinda avoid nice girls...your time will come, be your self and don't change for anyone,.,

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    Maybe you need to be more outgoing, to get a boyfriend is not necessary only to look good but also to have a great personality and be intelligent too, maybe you have to improve these two things in order to look more appealing to guys. Good Luck with that!!!!!!

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    i am in the same position as you. i had a crush but is just a crush. is just hard to get a boyfriend right whom u really like rite? Maybe just be yourself, dress or look good. You know looks are first priority for a random guy to be attracted to you. tell me if you hook up with one ok? gd luck!

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    there is no advice to these problem all u have to do be more friendly, go places, and dont scared to talk to guy,if u see someone u like dont say am a girl he is a guy is his duty to talk to me and u must be out-spoken too follow theses steps and in less than two months u will find someone

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    your not alone i have the same exact problem, all my friends have Gf's and im the only one left out, and it makes me feel bad in a way, but dont worry, your dream guy will come soon, you just gotta wait, and be patient, it normally comes when you least espect it, thats what im waiting for.

    good luck, dont sweat it =)


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