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stamp collection please help?

i have been passed down a very extensive stamp collection and i dont know what the value might be. please help

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    1 decade ago
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    you might want to get a good price guide from a dealer (or one recommended by a dealer) and look each stamp up one by one. Yes, it's kinda tedious, but it might be fun, and you'll learn about the hobby and learn your stamps.

    Also, try not to handle the stamps, because they are fragile. Learn the proper way to handle stamps if you must touch them.

    Old stamps have very very subtle marks and esoteric features that make them difficult to identify without expertise and a magnifying glass. For example, some stamps look exactly alike to the naked, untrained eye, but one might be worth 1000 dollars, and the other might be worth 50 cents. Usually these are stamps from approx. 100 years ago.

    I think you should research for a few months and enjoy your new collection while you learn.

    Remember, a dealer will not give you nearly what they are worth, or will want to buy one or two stamps at a time. Ebay may be the answer, but again, you'll have to have extensive knowledge of your collection before you can list it on the auction site.

    In short, Learn, Research, Enjoy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Take it to a stamp dealer or collector and get a price for it. Then take to some others to get a general idea of the true value.

    The post office might be able to help check their website

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