I am worried about this girl...?

Hi, I am 16 and was wondering how I can go about this. I asked this girl out while she had a boyfriend because I knew he was only with her to have sex with her. The junior prom is coming soon, and I am worried that it will be "their night". What can I do to prevent it. The only reason I am asking is because I have feelings for her, and do not want her to get hurt. Please tell me how I can break them up before May 2nd, which is the night of the junior Prom? How can I prevent it? Serious responses only. Thank You...

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    Tell her your feelings and tell her why you believe what you believe. If you have a good basis for your feelings (besides the fact that you like her) she may hear you out and see your point. Does the guy have a past of sleeping with girls and breaking up with them? If so maybe mention his history. Either way have a good basis for your beliefs, otherwise you're going to come off looking jealous.

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