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How my blind date went?

A good friend of mine set me up on a blind date with a girl he knows. "She’s very beautiful" he said & he gave me her address and phone number. So I call her and talk to and she sounds very cool; we had lots in common so I decided to go through with the date.

Well I drive up to her house (in a rich neighborhood) & knock on the door and her dad answers. He was very nice man he didn't even mind me taking out his daughter. We were talking outside for a moment till he said "Well I guess I should get Misty for you." and he went back inside. I waited outside for about 5 minutes, till much to my surprise the old man comes out carrying her in his arms because she had no legs! Well he hands her over to me and I seated her in my car and drove off.

Now my friend wasn’t lying, She was very beautiful and had a Playboy body...minus the legs. Well we went to get something to eat, and then I picked up a 12 pack and drove to this park.

Well, we started drinking and smoking, you know having fun. We got really high and I was really horny, so we started making out. We were all over each other until she said “F*** me baby now I want it!” I didn't know what to do; I've never been out with someone with no legs. So I asked her "How do you want to do this?" she said "just let me hang from that tree branch there and you should be able to hit it". Well I did just that, and it was incredible. We were going at it for a couple of hours until I noticed that it was really late and her dad might get a little pissed. So I got her down and dressed her and took her home.

Sure enough her dad was waiting out side. I got her out of my car and handed her to him, whom despite our lateness was very happy to see us and didn't seem mad at all. He took her back inside and came back out to thank me "thank you for taking Misty out and bring her back safely" he said "most guys just leave her in that damn tree!"


Boy I knew that this would happen, some sensitive douchebags had to **** up the funny aspect of this thread. Yes we know that there are people like that!!! It was just a joke!!! Don't be so damn *******

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    That was F'n great!! I needed a good laugh!!

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    i think you are so shallow this girl obviously has no self confidence and i bet you made it 10 times worse. i am 18 years old and i weigh 85kg and i have so much confidence in my self thanks to my boyfriend he weighs about 75kg and he is the best person i have ever met he loves me for me and nothing else you should not judge people by wat they look like for all you know she could be everything your looking for in a relationship just not looks wise. and asking her if her family was as big as her was so rude you deserved more then getting chased with her oxygen tank she should have ran you down in her chair my 12 year old brother is in a wheelchair and you judging someone for haveing health problems is discusting you should be ashamed of yourself.

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    Very funny but in a bad bad way :)

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    Sick but funny! 9/10.

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    OMG this better not be a true story because thats sick and funny!!!

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    wow, you sound like a nice person..... maybe you might have a good chance to get the girl that you dream of (or you want so badly...)......

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    Thanks 4 the laugh and the 2 points!!!

    The story was very gross though!!!

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    Did she have a white cane?

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    Blind and no legs ?

    She should kick your a-- Oh wait, she can't.

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    um... interesting story.

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