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Wanna know more about this girl from college.How do I approach??

I met this really pretty girl in college.I spoke to her only once though.It just happened like that.I seriously wanna know more about her.The approach should be really clever coz i might end up being a desperate chap for girls in her mind if approach goes wrong.So can anyone suggest me something where things can move quickly and in which I dont end up being a despo in her eyes.

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    Why on EARTH would she find you a "desperate chap"?

    I'd just go up to her (I'm a girl so I don't know much about this) and tell her you'd like to get a chance to get to know her better and does she have some time free for a drink/coffee/tea/whatever is appropriate?

    I spent 4 years with the last guy who offered to give me his number, I was so sick of people asking me for mine....... that approach might work well.........."Can I give you my number, and maybe you can call me for dinner sometime?"

    Best of luck to you, in any case.

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    just go to her and talk to her. act confidently. good luck and have a happy new year.

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