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Whats So Great About Mexico?

All you can get is.... Fireworks, and good sex.. what else can u get??>?????

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    There are many things that you can see in México:

    *colonial cities

    *Prehispanic Buildings and Pyramids.

    *The mixture of the prehispanic and spanish food.

    *The handcrafts

    *The people, they are very nice and helpfull

    *Different live styles

    *Beautiful Natural Places, like caves, underground sinkholes, beaches, mountains.. etc.

    *Culture.. from top to bottom you will find an inmense diversity of cultures, Mayas, Mexicas, Toltecas, Totonacas, Tarahumaras... all of them with different outfits, languages and traditions.

    Man.. there are many things to see in México, that depends on what you like to do!.

    Come to visit any time, you will be welcome, happy 2007!!★

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    I guess that is true... if you are 14! I love going to Mexico. Cozumel has some of the world's best diving and snorkeling. Cabo has some of the best clubbing/partying around... not to mention world-class fishing. Nothing like reeling in a blue marlin or wahoo and eating it at El Galeon! Climbing the great pyramid @ Chichen Itza or seeing the scales light up at solstice is awe inspiring. Obviously you've only been to tourist Tj aka Tijuana, because Mexico has so much more to offer. I've been to Mexico from Michigan several times and have loved it more each time. I will retire to Cabo when the time comes and spend my days fishing and relaxing... ah the future.

    Source(s): P.S. Corona is so NOT Mexico! Try Pacifico, Sol, Dos Equis or better yet a Tecate with lime and salt!! Cerveza, wey!
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    UNESCO has named 9 Mexican cities as World Heritage not to mention the Aztec and Mayan ruins.Also all the resort cities of the mexican Riviera and the Riviera Maya is somrthig to see and enjoy. ...UNESCO has also name mexican food World Heritage.

    Try to view Mexico from a diferent angle you are going to find out that is facinating..

    Saludos amigo .

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    I am not from Mexico but whenever i go there the ppl treat me really nice. Also, the food is delicious. I dont know what places you go but i have seen the most beautyfull


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    Are you American by any chance? No wonder noone over the world likes any of you. The world is bigger than your own belly, you know. I'm not mexican by the way, but I think it's a fascinating country.

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    Corona really good beer nice clubs nice people turistic places

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    Too bad you had to spend time and money to find that out. Next time, dont go there just because it isnt expensive, I suggest you to visit any state in the US or just stay home watching TV or playing wii.

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    The people, food, music, ancient archeological sites, entertainment, art, artesanias...

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    A higher level of education than what u have.

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    if "all you can get" is that, we are better off without you. stay at home dont bother. probably you are not really interested in learning and seeing outside your little box.

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