why do some religious women wear only skirts and not pants/jeans?

I live in Virginia/Tenn. and i see alot of women who wear t-shirts with their jean skirts,and they never wear pants/jeans. I am not sure if it is just one religion,or more,but I see it alot here,and not just on Sundays/Wednesdays. Can someone explain it to me? I was raised in a Pentacostal home,and we womenfolk wore pants 6 days and dresses on Sundays,and Wednesdays,if we wanted to do so. It was up to us. Anyway,I hope no one is offended,i am only curious.

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    I agree with thejanith.

    It's much more about men and women looking different than anything else really. Ladies who only wear dresses aren't always doing it out of fear or because they feel pressured to (though some do). A lot of them do it because they love God so much that they will do anything for Him that they believe He wants or just likes. And if they read the Bible and see that it instructs them (either directly or indirectly) to dress differently than men (and for men to dress differently than women), they will happily do that.

    They believe in women being feminine and men being masculine. In American culture, dresses and skirts are feminine and have been for hundreds of years. In some other cultures (Scottish, South Pacific), men also wear skirt-like garments.

    A small part of it is also modesty, but a woman in a tight skirt or mini-skirt is less modest than a woman in loose pants.

    I hope that made sense to you. :-)

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    Thanks for asking your question respectfully. There's nothing in it that should offend anyone, but thanks for being concerned about that.

    There's a verse in the Old Testament (in Deuteronomy, I think) that says that men shall not wear women's clothes and women shall not wear men's clothes. Some churches interpret this to mean the women shouldn't wear slacks. Most of these churches also firmly state that we live under grace, not under the Law. We obey God's commandments because we love Him and truly want to do so, not because we're forced or because we're told He won't love us anymore, or won't let us into Heaven, or whathaveyou. It is our firm belief that God created men and women to be different, and we dress to support that.

    Yes, I am a Christian woman who wears skirts and dresses almost all the time. I have a pair of jeans and wear them when the wind won't allow me to modestly wear a skirt. I have been in skirts so long -- by my own choice -- that it is truthfully the most comfortable thing for me to wear. I wear fuller skirts so I can do anything I need to do, such as climbing on a chair to reach something or playing on the floor with a small child, and still remain modestly covered.

    My mom, a strong Christian, wore pants everywhere except to church, so it's not that I'm raised with this idea. It's just the way God has called me to go, so I do.

    I hope that helps. Email me (by clicking on the name under my avatar) with specific questions about this, if you like.

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    annoyed how? Defeats what objective? they might might want to now not be considered? Why? now not seem eye-catching? they ought to not in any respect have concentration? Why? skipped over? Why? Why ought to they not manage to gown the way they opt to gown, or in accordance to their faith. I had truly see all and sundry wearing lengthy outfits, and lengthy hair, in protecting with their faith than their butts and bellies and breasts flopping everywhere the area, in church, the save, etc. Do what? What would you've them to placed on. What females? some non secular businesses gown in line with their beliefs, their customs. Why would it not hassle any man or woman in case you at the instantaneous are not made to beautify that technique. they are dressed very modestly. It does draw know-how to their residing out their beliefs. what's unsuitable with that. in the journey that they went to a nudist colony dressed like that, or a topless sea coast or a sea coast the position all and sundry became once in string bikinis which will be gorgeous stupid. they basically bypass about their commerce dressed the way they commonly gown. i imagine it really is exceptionally neat. Excuse the expression. i do not gown that way. I omit wearing outfits though. I wore outfits more desirable typically than not previously shifting right here, to church, about for all time. loved dressing up and wearing outfits and severe heels. I at the instantaneous are not in a position to placed on heels any more desirable through very painful ft. i love lengthy hair. what's incorrect with lengthy hair. have you ever appeared at television, stars, and round you. a lot of human beings, adult men and women, many women have lengthy hair., not non secular human beings. lengthy skirts? various folk, even non non secular people placed on lengthy skirts. i love them, above all in wintry climate. some issues are custom. i don't experience the reason being to cause them to invisible, omitted, or ugly.

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    modesty... beliefs associated with certain churches/denominations/religions... My aunt goes to a church like that..One reason I've read about is that you're not supposed to cause your brother (as a Christian) to stumble... that's in the Bible... women that wear things that show the figure could cause a man to lust after her... pretty much, dont give them anything to stare at. I used to do that too .. but it was just modesty for me..

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    Amish wear only dresses

    Pentecostals do all the time

    But I'm w/you at church dresses only... any other time pants are good

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    Find out if there is a Christian College nearby. The girls might have to wear them. (I went to one and had to off campus! Would never do it now!)

  • Some religons believe it's innapropriate for women to wear pants, so they don't.

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    some religions(invented by men)thought that seeing a womans abody was sinful. so women wear long dresses and burkas.

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    its their religon. the women usually go to really strict churches and they want to follow the rules so they dont get kicked out

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    yep its a sect of protestants, Pentacostals

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