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How can I get my cat to behave?

I have this cat that is just so opposite my other cat. I posted on here last week about him doing things at night and we're not getting enough sleep. This is still happening. He wants outside, but I don't want tto let him out. He's starting to tear things up (blinds,getting on counters, knocking things over to get in the windows---which he is not allowed, etc) my other cat does not do any of these things, period, naturally. I mean, she's never done anything bad,naturally. This other cat is just wild or something. When you're petting him, or you're sitting on the couch reading or something, he's the best....he's really lovable, and that's the only reason I haven't kicked him out--I know there is a great cat in there somewhere. He's neutered, I thought that would calm him down but it hasn't. He's had a full exam and they say he's fine-he looks fine. What can I do? I don't want to give up ! Help!!!Serious answers only please sick answers will be reported to moderator!

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    Cats just like humans all have their own personality and you are right not to give up on him.

    OK, now if he wants to prowl at night, let him, but do not let him in and out at his pleasure make sure you decide when he is put out and when he can come back in again.

    He won't stray far if as you say he's neutered and will do what comes naturally to cats all night long returning to his beloved home in the mornign and be ready for some food and a cuddle.

    All cats are naturally inquisitive and love to know whats on the other side of whatever is between them and the world they want to see. Don't worry, he is just being a normal Tom cat.

    It's easier if you have a large garden for him to explore but whichever way you want to go if he want s to roam he will with or without your permission, thats the cat way after all.

    Hang in there ansd let us know how you get on and have a great New Year.

    ;) H

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    I have the same thing -- one cat is the picture of perfection and the other is on the counters and running around knocking things over all night and runs out the door every chance he gets. This is what I have done...

    First I bought toys (balls, catnip stuffed toys) anything he can chase at night so he isn't knocking things off the shelves. This seems to help I think he was just looking for something to play with.

    Second, I bought two squirt guns I keep one by the bed the other by the kitchen sink ... I sprayed him once or twice and now whenever I pick it up he jumps down (of course this only helps when you catch him)

    I don't know how to cure the running out the door I hope you get some good answers so I can get some advice too.

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    Try using Feliway, a great product to calm your cat down. Just have a lot of patience for some cats learn quick while others are slow. Rescue Remedy is another great product to add to his water to help alleviate the stress. Bad behavior is usually due to something stressing the cat out. But can be caused by being sick as well so talk to your vet.

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    My cat is kind of the same, he doesn't seem as though he wants to go outside but he has a lot of energy, i think some cats are just like that. I would suggest discipline, when he starts to act up make sure he knows he is being bad. Don't hurt him maybe get a spray bottle and when he does something he isn't supposed to tell him no and spray him a little, eventually he will get the message.

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    First of all, I want you to know I feel your pain and bafflement.

    Second, I don't know if this will work for your cat but here goes. Whenever my cat (the older one) becomes especially rumbunctious and pesky, I know that he wants to release pent up energy (some cats are naturally energetic). So, I put on his halter and leash and take him out for a brief walk around the yard (we have a huge backyard). He'll sniff at things, trotting from one interesting bush and post to another.. spray and mark his territory... etc. Its winter here now so the cat doesn't really want to be outside for very long - 10-15 mons top. Then he trots back to the back patio signalling to me that he's ready to go in. But I take him in after 15 mins ready or not. After the mini expedition outside, I give him 1/4 of a 5.5 oz of canned food. When he's done, he licks his joppers and settles down. Energy dissipated for now. My cat will go bonkers if I don't wlak him... he's like a doggie in that way... maybe your cat is too?

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    I know what you're going thru! My little kitten used to scream in the middle of the night when we first got her and she no longer does, however my older cats tend to jump on the tables. I fixed this problem by lightly tapping them on the butt when they jumped up on things. That should help with that problem as for the windows and blinds: you could pull the blinds apart a bit so that they can lay and look out the window, but sitting on windowsills shouldn't hurt if nothing is in them, but if you dont want the cat in the window just lightly tap it when that happens and it should learn that you dont like when it does that!

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    Your cat sounds like a tom cat I once had. He was very friendly with humans, almost like a lap dog. But he was also very territorial and earned a reputation as a 'yob'. Even having him 'done' didn't stop him fighting. He would patrol his patch and fight any animals in the area, including the neighbour's Great Dane dog... and he won. Some cats are just like that, make sure you have vet insurance to cover any injuries.

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    My cat is the same way. He was neutered and I thought that would help, but he acts like he owns the place. The only thing you can do is squirt him with water, or pop him when he is acting up. But you have to do it immediately because he won't know why he's being punished if you catch it later. Just be patient and love him, when he gets older he will calm down.

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    Is there a specific reason you do not want to let your cat outside? Why don't you try it for at least one nite and see if it works. Not sure about this - but if a cat is neutered, it won't wander far from your home, and not sure how old this cat is either?

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    We let our cats out at night time. If not they scratch our bed, scratch at the door, get on the counters, etc. I think it is good for them to get excercise. We decided night time was better because we live in an apartment area that there isn't a lot of traffic at night. We feel safe with it. They sleep during the day time. Have you asked your vet for advice?

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