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what would a girl do if she heard this?

i really like you... i like spending time with you, ive never felt this way about any girl, ive never even had this feeling before i met you... you make me feel like youre the only girl in this world... i want you to be mine...i like everything about you... there is nothing wrong with you... i like your pretty eyes your voice the way you smile... when im not with you i cant stop thinking about you... i lay awake at night waiting for the day too tell how i feel but for some damn reason i cant tell because im afraid you wont have these feelings back and i will loose you forever... so i think ill just stay friends so that way there is no reason for you to leave me... but then youll never know the real feelings that i have for you... i really want to tell you but i cant take that chance...

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    Wow Brandon, that's the sweetest thing ever! If i was her i would ring you and fall in love with you. I know how hard it is for some guys to say how they feel and from what i read, that came from your heart.

    p.s: if you haven't told her yet TELL HER. I know her heart will melt, at least mind did!

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    Well, don't make THAT speech because that is WAY too much for most people to handle. Take it slowly and at the same time, try to take the friendship up a notch little by little. Try to go on informal dates with her. Spend some more time with her. If she feels the same way, you will notice. Just treat her like a special friend and don't put all that pressure on her. She will like you if you just give her the chance to better get to know you.

    Now, as far as if you DID start saying things like this to a girl, she would feel bad because even if she felt the same way before she would, once put into words, feel that you feel way too strongly about her than she is ready for, and that is likely to freak her out. She probably won't be mad, but she will likely let you down gently and none the less be touched by the sentiment. After some time, say a few days, when she has more time to think about it, she may come around but at that point she will think it's too late and be afraid to say anything. On the other hand, she may not, so again, don't say it so dramatically. Take is slowly and things should fall into place in your favor.

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    we have to take that chance even if we do get rejected, as there is a good chance we won't be rejected. can't go through life being insecure, or being afraid of the outcome. got to just lay all of your cards on the table and be upfront, if u get rejected, so what, pick yourself up again, and find another that u can love. maybe u have lost someone u loved in the past by being honest with your feelings and are afraid of it happening again. face your fears, it will make u stronger.

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    thats like the most romantic thing i have ever heard, move over tom cruise theirs a new jerry mcguire in the house! If this girl is good enough to make you feel so strongly about her then you should go for but you have to ease on to her, at first i wouldnt say what you just wrote unless she at least has a small hint that you like her. maybe just talk to her more, and make a lot of eye contact, when a guy does that to me, it drives me crazy, but in a good way, ya know.

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    wow this is pretty involved but only to you

    may i suggest you rethink this and take out the negetive parts leave in the positives then perhaps write it to her in a letter,email, and wait for the amswer !!!

    or remember it approach her and put it to her about your feelings

    then you will have your answer !!

    take a chance i would !!!

    just some friendly advice


  • a guy told me that n we ended up together n have been for almost 7 yrs :) ....if u wanna tell a girl that i would say how u said it here. u never know she may feel the same. i know when my man told me that o wow, i was so excited n happy. i felt the same way he did, i was glad we told each other.

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    Ive heard something like that before and it broke my heart to tell him that I onyl thought of him as a friend. And then I gave him a hug

    ( but it suonds so sincere....!!!) I like it and....yeah...uits cooL!!

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    look at the end of your statement you will never say this to her. If you dont say it you lose too. Maybe she just doesnt want a friend.

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    I would be thrilled if a guy told me those things. They are so sweet! Tell her now! Good Luck!

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    I think she is not going to believe you. I think it would be better if you cut off the top, and start from "...i like everything about you... " part.

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