Why am I so stressed so much?

Well Im always at home,hardly going anywhere talking to anyone.Im always thinking...thinking...thinking.

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    What do you think about? stay here is a time killer,and you are not thinking so much

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    You need more mental activity, if social activity is a bit daunting work slowly toward it just a walk in the park is a huge step, and physically you will feel better too. At the end of each day make a list of things you will do the next day, it doesnt have to be bungee jumping or skiing! start small, like do the crossword in the paper each morning over a great breakfast, clean the kitchen, tend to the garden.

    Start a few new hobbies and responsibilties, read plenty,buy a pet ! (this is a great one!) Try pursuing a creative outlet eg arts crafts, writing, you are bound to find something to suit you just look on the net! This can all help you build up to bigger things later on down the track, set a goal each day and make sure you achieve it.

    My heart goes out to you, I really hope some of this helps as I have been stuck in a rut like this too.

    Best wishes.

  • mar
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    1 decade ago

    Stress is normal and most people have problems with it in one way or another. Some people just naturally handle stress better than others.

    You need to decide if this stress is a new problem or an old one. How long has it plagued you and what are you willing to do about it.

    I have had problems with anxiety in the past and have found that medication and exercise are the best helps. Also, talking with a therapist is helpful. Build yourself a support group of family and friends to share thoughts and problems with. Verbalizing things helps straighten out your thoughts.

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    Stress or tension as it is sometimes called, is when your personal belief system clashes with perceptions in your mind as to what is going on "out there". I am under tension now because the neighbors are exploding fireworks and I don't like it at all, but it is New Year's Eve and it's only temporary, so I deal with it by coming here to Yahoo Answers. Temporary is the key word. Whatever has you stressed is temporary if you can get away from it.

    If you are thinking too much, then try reading to get your mind focused. You might have to train your mind to focus on reading, too.

    I've been really stressed lately and am teaching myself how to relax. Good thing, for I appear to have a co-worker going insane and getting increasingly belligerent at the same time. Can't blame his wife for walking out on him either.

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    go to drug rehab and give up the Speed/Meth/Crystal or the LSD both make you think alot- the LSD is a creative thought process vs the non connected thoughts of speed.

    atleast thats what im told hummphh.

    Stop staying at home! Go to the mall, or the park. Go and Volunteer at local animal shelter or hospital. Work 2 jobs and make sure you dont work a toll booth or as a parking lot attendant.

    If Push comes to Pull buy a nice mirror and set it at your table and chat to yourself or hey buy a parrot and you gain by having a great listener and talker and youll always be busy cleaning up the wretched little birds messes plus your pirate costume is half done and its only January!!

    dont put high expectations on yourself and that way you wont have to stress if you can or cant do something. and repeat this- its not the number of times you breath in your life thats important its the number of times life TAKEs your breath away that matters!

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    A great way to de-stress is to go for a hard walk. Which means you have to get out of the house.

    You can still do a lot of thinking but won't get stressed.

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    you might have an anxiety problem go see your family doctor.maybe they can help.i have really bad anxiety problems..not being able to sleep due to the thinking and worrying constantly.i got put on zoloft it saved my life.my stress is so low.i love it.i was against med at first they work.at first your tired when you get on them but that goes away in a month.if you have deppression it will help that too.

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    that's why... try exercising it helps or just get out and walk around the mall... even if you have No money it keeps you busy and keeps your mind from worrying, you also might want to start seeing a therapist or a doctor who can prescribe some sort of anti- depressant or anti-anxiety meds... those help too....

    Source(s): personal experiances
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    Well, If I were u, I would get up, pick up the phone, and call one of your friends and go out to a movie! Or, if you have a boyfriend, take him out to a dinner! Hope you get better! ^_^

  • Molly
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    1 decade ago

    Get up and get out. There is a big, bright world out there just waiting for you. This might decrease your stress. good luck.

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