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1.5 lb. yorkie teacup with hookworms,treatment,prescription and dosage ?

diagnosed at vet from stool sample

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    let the vet deworm the dog.

    Source(s): have rescued pets for 30 years
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    Hookworms can be deadly, especially in such a small dog, because they fee on blood.

    It surprises me that the vet didn't give anything for it, once it tested positive.

    The best medicine to give is called Drontal Plus, it's a prescription dewormer you can only get from a vet, and it takes care of all worms, including hooks, and it's only given once. After that I would give the dog a supplement called Pet Tinic, as it may be anemic due to the worms. Good luck, and I hope the little fellow gets well soon!

  • jen
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    They will treat the worms with panacur, it comes in a liquid or pill form and is based on weight. For your dogs weight it will probably have to be treated witht he liquid.

    This medicine has to come from a Vet and most vets insist on testing the dog themselves before they prescribe the meds. This med can kill it, especially at such a small size if the correct dosage isn't given, so make sure you only get this from a vet.

    Source(s): work at a vets office part time!
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    The vet should have wormed your dog for you as well as sent home enough wormer for another couple of doses!! Didn't they do that?

    MoL said 3 cc's of StrongidT wormer, the kind that they were talking about. A CC does a 10 lb dog so 3 cc's is too much! Just go back to the vet and get the wormer that he should have given you for your dog in the first place!

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    You can go to your local pet store and buy de-wormer pills or liquids, and also you can ask them how much to give the dog if it does not specify on the label. Almost every dog/cat when its born gets worms and is given meds. by the vet or apl before being sold. If this doesn't help I would call your vet and ask him/her about what med. would be best for your dog. You also must be careful with smaller minature breed's they are more likely to get sick or die from common diseases and sicknesses.

  • CF_
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    the vet should have told you the dosage you can call back and ask

    also there is no such thing as a "teacup" yorkie.. these are either runts or dogs stunted through poor nutrition or poor breeding - whoever you got her from is an unethical breeder .... no wonder the poor doggie has worms...

    be prepared such small dogs often have shorter life spans troubled with multiple health issues...

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    I would suggest oral injection of 3CCs for the weight. I for get the brand but it smells like banannas and is a yellowish tint. I have used it on countless dogs at the animals shelter and it works well.. I think you can get wormer from petco and other places like that. (Or your vets office)

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