can u give me 50 examples of postulate.?

any postulate will be enough

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    A postulate is essentially a law in mathematics that's accepted to be true without proof. A few of them are:

    -There is exactly one line that will intersect any two points.

    -Any line segment has only one midpoint.

    -Any shape can be moved without changing the shape in any form.

    There are a few more if you follow the link, but I don't know if there's 50 of them.

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    Michelle: The first link is to some guy who is a patent creationist, and not a scientist. Some of the links from there were good, but only in one case did they actually mention anything about carbon dating being wrong. And it was simply a case of misuse, on marine fossils. The third link is about labs which preform radiocarbon dating and their accuracy, not inaccuracies in the actual method itself. Problems with the labs. And your second link is still based on the technology and research done in the 1970s. I'm not sure how accurate that is currently. So you have yet to give anything but lab mistakes and dated research. Please try again.

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    If the sum of the two interior angles equals 180°, the lines are parallel and will never intersect.

    google and you will find mych more

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    Not for two lousy points.

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    Google it haha. Don't be so lazy.

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