Do you like to play piano and how long do you play at a time?

How long do u practice piano at a time. Do u like doing it or just for fun. Do u take the certificate of Merit tests? I personally hate playing piano.

Plz excuse my English. :)

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    I'm a music minor, and have been playing since I was 7. I love it. I miss it when i dont do it. I have been known to sit in my piano room (approx 9x9) and play for 2 hours. I am judged by my professors at the end of the semester obviously so that plays some part of my motivation.

    when I was in highschool I'd compete in Guild auditions to be rated as a musician.

    Playing piano for me is relaxing...when I take the time to teach myself something, learn something really well, for example Debussy's Claire de Lune, i can just sit in a room and play it over and over solely for the pure enjoyment of hearing myself play. And on top of that any piece you learn really well become your own, and therefore has your own personal touches within it.

    Piano is my passion in life.

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    I love to play the piano, I took twelve years of lessons. I used to play about four to six hours a day but we recently moved and my piano was damaged beyond repair so now I don't have one. I do it for fun, and I also give lessons. No I do not take the Merit tests but I have played in several recitals and have a great time doing it. Don't feel bad about not liking piano, not everyone likes it and it needs to be a part of you.

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    Yes I play the piano, I went to college for music. I play most days about 1-2 hours. Sometimes longer or shorter, depends on my schedule. My favorite instrument!

    I don't really practice, like exercises, since I got that part down. I just play whatever comes to my mind or just press different chords to make a song. I can play as a virtuoso, but I am not a great composer----yet!

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    i am a music major, so i practice alot....during the school year, i usually practice about an hour a day. first i work on the assigned pieces, and then i play some of the music i enjoy. this way it seems as if i am not really practicing all that much. to get started, i would find a teacher, because when someone else is monitoring your progress, you will practice more than if you teach yourself. good luck and have fun!!!

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  • Alyssa
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    I love playing the piano but I can only stand playing for about 30 minutes. After that I want to do something else.

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    o i luv doing IT!!!!naw im should take music lessons or talk 2 your music teacher

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