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My dvd+R's don't work with my burner, why not?

They aren't recognized as Blank DVDs. Im not sure why, I have a DVD +R/-R Burner, any suggestions?

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    be sure ur burner actually can burn the +r's first .. some can read both but not burn both... then ur app may not like them or u myt want to try a firmware update to ur burner ..

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    You have the DVD burning software right? How about the DVD ROM? If you're using a DVD Rom, chances are either the DVDs are scratched beyond repair or there's a problem with your DVD Rom. If not, a DVD ROM must be present and connected to your CPU.

    If you can offer more info, then a more precise solution can be given.

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    try a different brand of blank dvd. some recorders and burners do not like certain name brands. i know that sounds wierd but its true. sony, fuji and memorex i have had no problems with. i have had problems with no name brands that i have bought before. always try to buy a small pack see if they work and if they do then you can buy a 50 spindle.

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    Try reconfiguring your DVD burner & MAKE SURE it really is +/-R

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