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my kitten is sleeping a lot?

today my cat has been sleeping a lot she usually plays a lot she slept half the day and now she is sleeping she played yesterday i dont know she looks sad but then she starts playing again i dont know i know shes not sick cause we know when shes sick

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    Cats sleep on an average of 18 hours a day.

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    Well first how old is she? Very young kittens 8 weeks and under will sleep a lot and may not play much because they are so tiny and growing fast. As they get older they will still sleep anywhere from 16 to 18 hours a day, but they will also play more.

    Also has she been outside? Has she shown any other symptoms, like not eating, diarrhea, etc.? Check for fleas and also worms, if she's old enough to be a using a litterbox check her stool, sometimes you will see tapeworms there and may even seen them coming out of the kitten's butt.

    If it continues for a few more days and you are still concerned a trip to the vet won't hurt and will ease your mind. :) Bring a stool sample too if you wish. When my 2 cats were kittens I often called or visited the vet and they were more than happy to help and give advice or info.

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    It's normal for a cat to sleep 16 hours a day at the most, at least a very light sleep.

    The expression cat nap refers to the light sleeping pattern of most cats, most of the time. About three quarters of a cat's sleeping time is light sleep. The cat can awaken very quickly, and to an observer it looks like they are not fully asleep. Their eyelids may even be slightly open. Again this is genetically related and governed by evolution. A cat that can awaken quickly can more easily escape from predators or fight with possible intruders. The remaining 25 per cent of a cat's sleeping pattern is deep sleep. This is where they do their dreaming. Their paws and faces may twitch during this type of sleep.

    Most wild cats use huge amounts of energy when they hunt and they need to conserve energy in between their hunting activity. When a cat (or any living thing for that matter) sleeps, it uses very little energy. The longer a cat sleeps, the more energy it conserves and the less often it has to hunt. Although today's domestic cats don't really need to hunt, their genes are still the same as before we took them into our homes as pets.

    Kittens tend to sleep just as much or more than grown cats. This is primarily due to the fact that growth hormone is only released during sleep.

    The actual diet of a cat is also a factor. Cats are carnivores. Eating meat makes you sleepy and anyone who's just had a huge steak can attest to this.


    It should be noted that any drastic change in a cat's behaviour can indicate an illness or problem. If your cat normally sleeps only 14 hours for example, and recently it has been sleeping much more, the cat should be checked by a vet.

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    Cats sleep a lot and kittens even more, but your concern suggests that kitty has increased her sleep time fairly suddenly, so that you've noticed it. There may be a medical problem. Kittens are very vulnerable, so I'd play it safe and take her to the vet for a checkup, probably including bloodwork.

    Trust your instincts; you seem to think there's something amiss, and you may well be right. Get kitty checked out.

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  • Anonymous
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    sure, mines is often drowsing too and so is my buddies kitten. they're basically like human toddlers. They awaken, consume somewhat, expend lots of potential via working approximately and so on for some million/2 hour, then fall right into a deep sleep lower back for approximately 2 hours then do a similar difficulty over + yet lower back all day. Even while they're older, they do a similar yet basically with longer inbetween. My older cat basically lies and sleeps all day then wakes up interior the night and gets all energetic for some hours then is going lower back to drowsing lower back!

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    Just think of her as a real baby. Newborns sleep a whole lot. And the fact is that your cat will be doing that her whole life. Cats sleep 75% of their lives. So.....18 hours a day is sleep time for cats

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    sometimes cats wear themselves out too - just like us when we overdo things. My cats do that too - they play and play one or even two days in a row and then the next day, they'll be sleeping a lot... when fully rested, they go go go again. silly things aren't they?

    As long as your kitty is eating, drinking, using the potty, and there is no obvious signs of distress, kitty is OK. Cats do sleep a lot in the winter.

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    If she is playing, there is probably nothing wrong with her. When injured or sick cats conserve all energy to get well quicker. She's just a sleepy kitty like most cats. Nothing to worry about.

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    That's normal for cats and kittens. They sleep a LOT.

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    It is normal for cats/kittens to sleep a lot. Don't worry about it.

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