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How can I help my community's animal shelter?

I live in Texas.

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    Donate your time, money, food, towels, old newspaper, toys, even cleaning products help, etc.... We have alot of volunteers that come in just to walk the dogs, or play with the cats.

    Source(s): I work in an animal shelter in tx.
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    First, you can make sure that all of your animals are fixed to help with the over population problem. Then you can donate money, blankets, food, treats, etc. Also, many shelters need volunteers to help with cleaning of cages and to help with the socialization of the animals. I also live in TX and my shelter always needs volunteers to help walk the dogs.

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    Many animal shelters are understaffed and under funded. See if you can volunteer some time working there or maybe purchase some pet food or other supplies for them. Monetary donations would probably be welcome, too.

    Also, if you know anyone who wants a pet, encourage them to adopt from the shelter.

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    1 adopt 2 give money 3 volunteer 4 donate food or other supplies 5 get others to adopt or donate time or money.

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    Donate Food,Donate money,Donate old Newspapers,Adopt a pet or volunteer with pet adoption drives .

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    1) Volunteer your time

    2) Donate Money

    3) Get others to volunteer and donate money

    4) Put on a fund raiser

    5) Advocate publicly for the support of the animal shelter

    6) Ask them what they need you to do to show your support

    7) Ask them what they need most, then do a fund raiser to get that item

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    you may help them find homes for the animal that live there,you pick up after the animals, and may be even adopt one of the animals.

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    volunteer, also they can always use pet food, and old blankets, they may have a list at the shelter of things they need, check w/ them

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    1 decade ago can do fun things like walking the dogs or simply playing with the pupies and kittens.


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    I'm sure they could use volunteers as well as money and pet supplies.

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