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what are some good charities that sponsor children?

i am just wondering and checking around. i have found World Vision and Christian Childrens Fund. i want the money to go directly to the sponsored child, NOT 2% here and 3% there.

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    check out

    I support a kid there. She writes me regularly and sends me pictures. The organization regularly informs me what they are doing with the money I donate. e.g. buying toys, school stuff, cloth, etc.

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    World Vision is excellent. I get pictures of my child every year and they send me letters whenever they can. World vision is very good about getting the money directly to the areas affected.

    They also put out a Christmas "Gift" magazine, where you can actually pick what you want your money to go for. Building a well in Africa, building a poor family a house, etc. You can't go wrong with them.

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    Go to your local church, they can guide you toward a needy family in your area, you would be surprised how many children here in America need food and clothes.

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