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How to flirt?

How do I flirt with my boyfriend?

im trying to get him all hot and bothered and tease him

But keep it clean people!

Thanks Ashley~

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    How to flirt:

    Always keep something in reserve. Always keep him guessing about you and what you are thinking.

    Make him feel like he is the special guy that he hopes he is for you. Compliment him on his appearance....his are concerned with many of the same things women are concerned with.

    Always save a little for next time. Save a little conversation, save a little kissing, hugging and loving for the next time. Get things a little warmed up and Oops! It's time to go.

    Good Luck and have fun!


  • flirting is when you are trying to get him,now you have him what do you do with him?do not tease him,that would make me mad,because it is playing games.just be a lady,clean,smell good,smile,touch,listen,learn how to enjoy him,he will do the if you are trying to get him hot and bothered,then get married and learn together about the birds and bees.there is that clean enough?

    Source(s): the father of 1 boy and 5 of ya'll (girls)
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    You can butter him up. Complimenting him and stuff like that. Massaging is another way. (and you can do the head to toe treatment, and skip one area, if need to.)

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    Giggle, Touch him, blow kisses..

    I don't really know how to tell you how to's just something that comes natural!

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    Try to just talk to him and try to talk to him really nice, don't be scared, my friends say that i flirt with this guy, but we don't think so, we don't like each other, it just happens. try it, and be cafeful,

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    Only ur eyes,,,, use them to burn him...flirt with him...invite him or lure him.... eyes n facial expression works!

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    touch his arm a lot

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