Is there a hot key to darken screen on compaq notebook?

Thinking of buying a used compaq presario 1700 notebook but the screen stays black after turning it on .it works fine with exteral monitor the owner say`s a friend of his darkend the screen in a attempt to get the computer cheaper but im not sure if it can be darkend or lightend from keyboard is there a hot key or shortcut

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    If the image is very dark with just barely visible icons, your screen's backlight is dead. The backlight is an integral part of the screen so entire screen must be replaced. Try the website below. it gives you prices as well as instructions on how to replace the screen

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    There might be an fn or function key on the keyboard. If there is, try pressing the fn key and f4 at the same time. This is a common combo to switch between external and internal monitors. If that doesn't work, try some of the other f keys.

    I have a new HP/Compaq and the functions are

    fn + f3 : Sleep

    fn + f4 : Montior Switch

    fn + f8 : Show battery status

    fn + f9 : Monitor brightness up

    fn + f10 : Monitor brightness down

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    It may be a Fn + F5 key or some combination like that. Look for the Fn key, hold it down then press the F5 key on the top row of the computer to see if it comes back. (It is the F5 key on my HP laptop, look at the blue pix on the keyboard, it may be a different key than the F5.)

    Be wary of buying a laptop if you don't have a working screen. Could be other things going on with it that are not working right...

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    Im not sure about that exact model. i have a compaq and above the number keys there should be a symbol of a sun on there. mine is the F8 key. on th bottom left of the keyboard near ctrl there should be a Fn key. hold the Fn key and then hit the F8 or sun key a couple of times until the screen lightens up a bit. hope this helps, good luck.

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