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how do i give a guy hints that i like him?

i like a guy but im not sure if he realizes it. i try to give him hints but theyre really subtle. i talk to him in class a lot and help him out with homework sometimes we talk on the phone but he says he doesnt like anyone right now. i dont think he thinks of a possibility of me liking him so i dont know how to show him i like him.

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    i think you should tell him straight out

    or flirt with him a little more then if nothing tell him

    if he says he likes u too then yea .. other stuff but

    if he says yea ur a great girl but ur just not my type or w/e then move on you guys can still be friends right?

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    first off...

    guys mainly dont tell girls who they like...especially if they like the girl!!! so there's a huge chance that he was lying to u!

    neva eva trust them when they tell u who they like...


    stroke his arm when u talk to him

    look at his eyes when u talk

    talk to him...A LOT

    hug him if u guys r close friends

    laugh @ his jokes even if theyr not funny

    when ur sure that he likes u...get a friend to hint at it to him

    good luck

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    Just tell him you like him. Don't beat around the bush, don't play games. He'll be totally stoked that you actually came up to him and made the first move. He'll be overwhelmed, I'm sure.

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    Well hunny im in the same boat too so i wounld not know what to say but if yall have anssewers for me e-mail me

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    You could....

    1) Tell Him

    2) Flirt with him

    3) Ask a friend to tell him 4 you

    I hope it goes well! Good Luck!!

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    Men do not catch on as easily as women , hints do not seem to work with need to just say it

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    Just be around him. You'll drop hints on your own unless you are really good at hiding things.

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    1. smile and look him in the eyes whenever you meet.

    2. treat him specially

    if you tell him u like him... it maybe awkward but if you talk to him you got to show your feelings in your eyes.

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    in your case, i'd tell him hon. what's the worst that's gonna happen? he'll say know? is he a jerk, the kind that'll make fun of you and stuff? cause if he aint, just tell him. :]

  • well just tell him how u feel and while he tellin u that he doesn't like any bodi right know he might just like u he might just be scared 2 tell u like you re scared 2 tell him!!!!!!!!!!!

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