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What are all the things needed to go about getting married in NY through the NYC marriage bureau.?

My and my GF just want to get married and get it done, but we dont know exactly what we need to get done.


ME* and MY* girlfriend is what I meant to say. We dont want a big ceremony, just us and the judge.

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    Go to the sites below and it will tell you everything! It really help me when my husband and I got married.

    Usually you will need to go to City Hall and fill out an application for a marriage license. It will cost you about forty dollars and you will both have to be their with your birth certificate. You have to wait twenty-four hours and then you can get married. To have someone like a judge to do it, when you are City Hall, you can ask to make an appointment. It cost me about seventy dollars but way cheaper than a big wedding. Good luck.

  • What you need to do is go to the city clerk in any of the bureaus and fill out the form they provide. You will need to bring a picture ID and birth certificate. Also they only accept $35 money orders for payment. They will put all of your information in the computer system and print out the marriage license. But you can not get married until 24 hours after the license is made. If you want to get married by a judge, the clerk will provide you with this information. There are also many other registered officiants in NYC and all over NY State. Good Luck!!

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    I think an arranged marriage will work better than a love marriage as love wears off. Also in an arranged marriage both of the families like each other and I don't think there are mother-in-law jokes. Marriage in England used to last 9 years, now its down to 3 years.

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