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is email included in the t-mobile unlimited messaging plan?

does the unlimted messagin plan include email with the text and ims at T-mobile?


Also can i check my email?

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    Yes it does!

    Your email address will be:

    note: replace "phonenumber" with your cell phone number.

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    once you're related to IM and you acquire or deliver an IM this might eliminate out of your texting quantity, yet considering the fact which you're limitless you're effective and should no longer be charged any extra suitable expenses. whilst it comprises e mail you in many circumstances ought to have an information plan and that i think it is larger. It relatively relies upon on the cellular telephone plan you have.

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    yes u go to text messaging and create one but instead of putting a number to a phone u put the e mail address of the person u want to email then click send then they get the message in thier inbox just like an email from a computer.

    Source(s): trust me it works with just about any phone even with t mobile. if doesnt work email me at ok
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