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i met this new guy with my friend a couple of weeks ago. hes really nice and stuff and i just want someone to hang with and maybe have something more? hes cute and really flirty but a couple of nights ago he hooked up with this girl that goes to his school when he was drunk. i dont really know what to think. i love talking to him because hes so funny and nice. ive only hung out with him twice but he keeps saying that when he gets back in town he wants to hang out. what is he saying? does he just like to hang out with me or anything else? thanks in advance!

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    I was in an almost identical situation a few months ago, and turns out the guy used me. U can hang out with him but set limits for urself and DO NOT break them. that was one of my mistakes....i let him talk me into going past my limits cuz i liked him so much and i thought he rele liked me. Even tho i didnt sleep with him or anything, i regret breaking my own limits. Be careful cuz there r so many players out there that can descize themsleves very well. Good luck, and b careful

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    well, in my opinion he's kind of a playboy but if you have feelings for him ask him if you are special fromother girls he;s been with and if he says yes you may have hit a goldmine. $_$

    But don't take it overboard

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    this guy is a piece of ****. stay away from this guy.... he's gonna end up cheating on you.

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