Im 31 weeks, when should I prepare my hospital bag, and what do I put in it?


I obviously know what I need as far as being away from my home, but there is always something that is recommended by mothers, like...oh bring this, it will help. Im not an idiot, must have been a man who answered to my question first!

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  • alybr
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    1 decade ago
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    I would start preparing it really soon, just to make things easier for when the time really comes. I went ti the hospital with my last child(he is 5 month old) many times and the last time I went in I was 36 weeks because I was having pains and they told me I was staying to have the baby. I had not prepared my bag at all and had to explain to my husband over the phone, in labor what I wanted him to bring. I would pack some really comprotable pj's and underwear, ones that are cute but you don't care abput ruining because you could bleed all over them after delivery, a camera, one of you pillows from home, some clothes both for the baby and yourself. Just remember you wil still have a pretty big belly when you leave so bring some big clothes. Also bring some shampoo and a toothbrush. You will feel really yucky after delivery and the hospital usually doesn't have these things. Congradulations on the new baby and Good Luck:)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Since I'm like the 17th answer or so, I won't list a bunch of things to bring, but I'll tell you what I wish I had brought: an extra nursing bra.

    See, I didn't buy an extra just to pack away because I started wearing them at the end of my pregnancy because all my regular bras didn't fit anymore so when I got admitted to the hospital at the last second after my doctor's appointment, I didn't have an extra in my bag. So, while I was in the hospital, my husband took all my dirty clothes home, along with my bra and I didn't know it, so I didn't have one at the hospital.

    Also, bring some things like magazines or books or something to do for after you have the baby and you spend the days lying in the hospital bed while the baby sleeps and there's nothing on that stupid hospital tv.

    Just my two cents.

    Good luck! I hope you have a great birth experience!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Prepare the bag as soon as possible (you'd be surprised how quickly time flies... and how early you can give birth)... but definitely by 36 weeks. Here's what I recommend you take:

    Nothing nice or new (trust me, it will get ruined). Use the hospital gowns while there. Maternity underwear or full underwear... as long as it's comfortable. Nursing bras, socks, a robe if you think you'll be making lots of rounds in the halls, makeup, hairbrush, toothbrush, a book, and a portable CD player (if you have a hard time sleeping with others in the room). I can't stand snoring and never leave home without one. OH! yeah! your own pillow (great to have during the labor & delivery). Don't forget a change of clothes for you to come home in... and of course, clothes for the baby. That's it. Whatever else you think of later... your husband can bring back for you when he brings you that really great dinner you'll be craving later.

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  • Me
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    1 decade ago

    Start packing any time from now,

    • Your birth plan

    • Dressing gown -- useful if you end up pacing hospital corridors in early labour

    • Slippers

    • Socks -- believe it or not, your feet can get cold during labour

    • An old nightdress or a T shirt to wear in labour. It might get a bit messy, so don't buy anything specially to wear in hospital.

    • Massage oil or lotion if you would like to be massaged during your labour

    • Lip balm

    • Snacks and drinks for you while you are in labour, or some glucose tablets to keep you going

    • Watch with a second hand, to time contractions

    • Camera or camcorder. If you want to bring a camcorder, check with the hospital beforehand -- not all of them allow them in delivery rooms.

    • Relaxation materials: books, magazines, games, music

    • Pictures of someone or something you love (the inspiration you may need to see you through to the end)

    • TENS pain relief machine if you are planning to use one

    • Toiletries

    • Water spray, or a hand-held fan to keep you cool

    • Music to listen to -- take a battery-operated machine as most hospitals won't let you plug things in. Some hospitals provide their own CD players -- again, check first.

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  • Luann
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    1 decade ago

    I'm right where you are, and have been thinking about the same thing. Here's what I know for sure I'll be bringing:

    a couple of cuddly outfits for baby

    baby blanket

    nursing bra and nightgown

    underwear (emphasis on LOOSE fitting, because you never know if you'll go natural or have a cesearean)


    outfit to wear home (because do we really trust our men to pick out our clothes?)

    list of people to contact when we go to the hospital (like my boss and family members) and those we need to contact after the birth

    something to do, like a puzzle book or some books to read in case I'm in there for a few days

    Hopefully someone can give us more clues. My docs tell me that at 36 weeks they'll take me straight to delivery, so I'm packing it in the next few days just so it's one less thing to worry about.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i would prepare your hospital bag two weeks before your expected due date, or if you go into labor earlier have a list of all the things you want to take handy so you can pack as you prepare to go to the hospital. i don't know about all labor rooms, but the one at my hospital has a bathroom and shower in it. you could bring some toiletries for after you give birth. some musts I think would be, I've been told by my doctor, you won't be able to eat and drink like you would like to if you go to the hospital while in early labor, so bring chapstick because your lips will get chapped, pajamas/change of clothes for the day after, socks with grip on the bottom incase your feet get cold, carseat(make sure you take it in the hospital with you so when you leave with the baby it is nice and warm), baby clothes and blanket, a hair tye so your hair won't be in your face during labor, and any devices you plan to use to keep you calm during labor, cds and a cd player, cards, a massager, birthing ball, etc.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    chap stick! ~ cell phone and charger~ first outfit for baby~ if you want your own brands as I did diapers, wipes, binki (if u choose), baby book (for footprints) snacks for yourself, check and see what your hospital provides.. mine provided breast pump, lanolin ( for breasts), pads, diapers, wipes, shampoo, soap. You don't really need extra clothes since you will be in a gown most of the time except for entry and exit. baby will need clothes daily. My stay in the hospital was 24 hours depending on how delivery goes it could be a short stay. camera! There is so much just put everyones answers together and make your own list! I would pack your bag soon as the season will still be cold and you could always end up going in early. Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR! ( I packed huge bags with my first and only used 1/2 the bag!)

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  • 1 decade ago

    sometime beween now and week 35

    I useally pack two or three night gowns and a robe, a few bras. (if you will not be breast feeding bring one sports bra and one "one size too small" underwire bra after having the baby don the sports bra and tork yourself down with the underwire bra over the sports one)(is a great way to decrease engorgement discomfort)

    two differnt sized outfits for you to wear home afterwards (you'll want cofy clothes and two differnt sizes cause you dont know how big or small you will be after delivery)

    socks and underware, slippers.

    two or three differnt sized out fits for baby. (you dont know how big it will be either)

    a few reciving blankets to rap baby in to carry them home.

    shampoo and conditioner a brush body soap a rag or poof and a towel.or two. tooth brush and paste. any other hyginic stuff you want.

    (the hospital can supply you with these but they will be hotel stuff and bringing stuff from home is more comforting) (and hospital towels are small and ruff!)

    (they also say to take diapers and pads but the hospital with give you a big bag of each that are just as good as what you would take and they charge you for them if you use them or not so why not use them!)

    make sure you have a infant car seat in your car (or the car that will be coming to get you and baby from the hospital)(they wont let you take baby home with out one.)(and the nurse with put the baby in to it and carry the baby in the seat out to the car and put them in the car the right way to show you how and to make sure its done properly.

    if the baby is small have a few extra reciving blankets to pack in around baby in the car seat for a secure fit.

    oH i almost forgot again (i always forget) Change! money for snack machines! late night munches are murder if you have no change! and the hospitals only supply you with water, ice, milk and juice so if you'll want a soda you'll need change and the directions to the nearest snack and drink machines!

    Source(s): mommy of 3 one more on the way in april.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Go ahead and pack. You never know when you'll need it and it's not something you want to throw together at the last minute.

    Take warm sox. Your feet will be cold and you'll want them on for the delivery. If you have a favorite pillow, toss it in at the last minute. Hospital pillows are the worst! I know you'll have a beautiful baby to love before long. Have a happy birth-day!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd pack it now if I were you. And I'd keep the really important items like your medical records (your doc should give them to you before 35 weeks), phone numbers, and especially your camera on you at all times. You might be out of the house when you go into labor and not have a chance to go home. You don't want to not have your camera with you when your baby is born. Congrats and good luck.

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