What is the traditional role of a Giesha girl, and how are they chosen?

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    I know that there are few geishas now; it's a dying artform, sadly. However, despite there being few, they still continue on, maintaining their ancient traditions. Basically, their role is to bring money into the okiya, which is a business like any other. They do that by doing what geishas do, which is act as a performer and hostess. Usually, they are hired for business parties, where they sing, dance, play the shimasen, serve tea, and act as a conversational partner with the men. People oftentimes dismiss their job as ridiculous or as a cover for prostitution, but in fact, it really is an art. From their delicate appearance, with every aspect perfect and meant to convey something, to their actions, it's all studied and deliberately done. The act of pouring tea isn't just sloshing out a cup, but an elaborate act of femininity. They study on the topics of interest to their clients so as to be able to converse knowledgeably, and their singing, dancing, playing of instruments, even walking- is all honed to a skill. Those are their roles, in a nutshell, doing that, attempting to pay off the debt owed to the okiya (since it provides them with the ridiculously expensive kimonos, room, board, and all that). Usually, it takes a lifetime to do so, and sometimes can be considered indentured servitude for that.

    How they used to be chosen varied- sometimes their families sold or sent them to okiyas, and oftentimes nowadays they choose it themselves, starting a little later than usual. They are chosen for beauty, grace, and intelligence, the traits that will help them achieve fame and wealth as a geisha.

    Hope that helps! I'm by no means an expert- you should seek out other sources, but that gives you a little primer. Don't look up "Memoirs of a Geisha"- it's a good read, but try the autobiography "Geisha: A Life" by Mineko Iwasaki or the fantastic "Geisha: The Life, the Voices, the Art" by Jodi Cobb instead.

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    All I know is that Geishas are young Japanese women or girls who are taught to be very feminine or something.... watch "Memoirs of a Geisha"

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    they go to school.....

    its hard to explain..

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