Are there new medications for Myasathenia Gravis, especially for use during pregnancy?

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    1 decade ago
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    Im not sure about new meds,but there are some out there,you just need to talk to your Dr. about this and find out what he suggest for you,and no MG does not just come while pregnant,my mother died from this and she was not pregnant,but don't get panicy about this my mother was elderly with other health issues to,but yes just discuss your concerns about this to your Dr. and if he or she doesn't know much about MG,then I would suggest your Dr. that takes care of your MG and they should know if it is safe to take and what is safe to take.But don't let this go without asking, because this can be a very serious disease if it ,is not being treated.I hope this info works I know I didn't have a direct answer for you on this but I hope this will be of some help to you,as we know they are alway's coming up with new med's for treatment now day's.

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    MG only happens during pregnancy. Talk to your dr. about your options. They range from a daily dose of the 24 hr Dramamine, to medications used for migraine...

    PS-- myasthenia, yeah, your relative could have died from that. But myasthenia GRAVIS is what it is called during pregnancy. "Gravis" is Latin for "gravid" or pregnant.

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