how do we find romance in our marriage?

We don't have the money to go out. We have two small children, but there must be some way to reignite the fire we once had without having to go out. Please help.

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    Sure you can lots of foks are tight with money when children come along. You can make sure you set aside time for you two. so many times couples get in a rutt and when children come along forget all about themselves and being connected in that way so make sure first that you always make time for each other.

    2. you can plan a romantic evening in the house. cook his favorite dinner. have a bubble bath for two. have nice massage rent a porn movie or a love story what ever turns you on.

    Leave love notes around make sure he knows how much you love and appreciate him. Keep him as number one in your life and he'll do the same.

    and good old fashioned communication. don't neglect the other one or be to busy or to tired. plan your time wisely between the little ones and your hubby

    good luck

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    You don't need money to go out. Do you have family or friends who could watch the kids for a while? Go to the park and walk together, scrounge up a couple of dollars for an ice cream cone and go look at the stars. Go book hunting together at the library. Do an internet search for free events in your area. Or just stay in after dropping the kids off elsewhere for a while.

    Romance comes from taking the time to talk about something other than the children, from rubbing each other's feet and telling each other goofy jokes and baking cookies together and just remembering who your spouse is and why you fell in love in the first place.

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    Listen, don't put pressure on yourselves---millions of people have this issue. Learn to first enjoy each others company. Play Scrabble, or Yahtzee, or Uno---those board games are easy and can lead to a lot of fun and laughs...Helps ease the mind--before you know can just spontaneously have mad love making...see, you have to just let it happen. You don't have to go out or spend money--a couple of cheap, easy fun games will break the tension---I guarantee it , Good luck

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    1. Go out for a picnic, buy some food at a supermarket

    2. Buy some candles, put romantic music, leave your kids with the neighbour, and have a dinner at your house.

    Enya is a good music,

    Also you might try learning how to give massage


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    4 years ago

    So, call her on the phone and tell her you suggested her from throughout the room the different day and requested her pal for her huge form reason you idea she change into so appropriate and merely had to ask her out. Then in accordance to how a lot you may locate the money for.....have tickets for a cruise and sweep her away for a romantic weekend or e book a B&B someplace and take her away for a romantic weekend or have a most suitable eating position picked out and take her out for dinner and dancing or something SHE might want to savour that you does not typically do for her. Wink at her, pat her bottom, flirt such as her, make her experience like she is particular to you. savor what she does for you by exclaiming thanks for the staggering dinner you made tonight, wow honey the abode looks great or i appreciate the way you keep my clothing so great for me. this is the way you're taking care of her on a commonplace foundation it truly is the biggest. attempt to do one particular component daily, even if this is so common as leaving her a note that asserts i appreciate you for her to locate. common little issues on a daily basis make a great massive difference! strong success wish you may turn it round! search for suggestion from such as her about the failings that made you experience you loved her and tell her how fortunate you're to have her. call her from artwork and tell her you omit her or whisper some little nasty component in her ear. Take a flower abode with you today, one or a equipment it would not extremely count number, this is that you've been thinking her that concerns!

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    I have been married for 14 years and many many times on a tight budget. I run bubble baths with candles and place blankets in the floor and serve him dinner with a drink of his choice when we drank. I get the mirror and sit between his legs and let him explore my body any way that he wants. Sometimes we just find different places in the house to make love after a romantic home cooked meal. You need to use your imagination!

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    If you can afford a sitter then there are alot of thing the community has to offer maybe some music and dancing. Taking some time for just the 2 of you is very important. Reconnect and enjoy.

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    Have the kids in bed by 8 and have a rental movie date. Or have a bath by candlelight-lots of fun. Give each other massages.

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    Take together a warm shower,kissing softly using the french kiss,and have sex,BJ,buterfly position,69,doggy style,etc.Godd luck.

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    play cards for clothes or favors once the kids go to bed

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