If someone is in the trunk of a car, and it gets rear-ended, what are the chances of them surviving?

I need it for a story that I'm working on.

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    Everyone I carry in my trunk is already dead --

    Just kidding. Most mid-sized and compact vehicles built since the late '80's are designed to crush and convolute the unistructure from the bumper to the passenger cell, effectively sacrificing the front and rear of the vehicle in order to keep the passenger compartment intact in a collision. Most cars (excluding SUV's and trucks) actually use the spare tire as a component in the crash structure design, meaning that if someone were lying in the trunk he/she may survive a rear ender up to about 25 mph -- though you had better plan the crash in front of a hospital. The luggage lid, rear body panel and both quarter panels will crush and fold with no regard for what ever is inside the trunk area. A 30 to 40 mph crash will put the taillamps into the back seat on all but the biggest vehicles (Crown Vic, maybe Cadillac DeVille and Buick LeSabre). You would still need a mop and lots of kitty litter to clean up the mess. See if you can talk your way into a local salvage yard or insurance vehicle auction and just look at some rear enders. It will give you a much better picture for your project.

    Source(s): Fellow writer and 20+ years in the insurance claims biz.
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    Do stats for this even exist?

    I would say it has to do with the models involved and the speeds travelled.

    Are both vehicles moving?

    Do they have bumpers of different heights?

    What is the weight of each vehicle?

    What position is the person in the trunk lying in?

    What speeds are involved?

    Is the person who volunteered for this experiment some kind of mentally deficient humanoid?

    So there's an awful lot to consider for your symposium on 'Things Bored People Do With Their Automobiles and the Effects on Their Lives'.

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    Uh they would get thrown out of the trunk, land on another moving car, smash their head, and go into trauma..I think.

    And very low chance of surviving....to answer your question

    Good luck with you story

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    If you are truly doing a story you need statistics found somewhere other than a random yahoo website. This is a weird question...I would imagine that your chances of survival go down drastically.

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    That depends upon how violent the impact is. At less than 10 MPH they should be OK. At 30 - 40, a fatality is a strong possibility.

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    They're in the trunk, right? The reason you throw somebody in the trunk is not to say hi, happy birthday. They are fixing to die anyway, pretty soon.

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    Factors, factors, factors..........

    It all depends on many different factors....How FAST either car is going...etc.....is there

    a safety latch on the inside of the trunk to release the back seat, to give way?....

    Sound mafia to me.....be good now! LOL!~


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    Not very good - but anything is possible. Sounds like a pretty screwed up story your working on.

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    based on the information you provided , the chances of survival are 62 percent

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    Don't worry. If they are riding in a '64 Chevy Impala, there is plenty of room and They will be just fine.

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