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is there a reason my uromantyx wont eat?

i have had my uro for 3 days now i put lettecue and carrots and a piece of apple in there for him for a few days and he wont eat also wont eat the two crickets i put in there with him ?

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    First of all, Basking area should be around 120 degrees f.

    If the Uro is new, then it needs time to adapt to its new home and may not eat right away.

    Make sure it has privacy.

    3 sides of it cage and maybe even all 4 should be covered to allow it that privacy.

    No more crickets, period.

    deerdernfarms.com it the ultimate authority on Uro's.

    Good luck

    please feel free to email me. There is a link in my answers profile.

    if after a few days of privacy, the uro has not eaten, try some canned peas. For some reason they seem to love them. Just don't make it the staple of his diet.

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    There are various motives your canines won't be eatting or eating. a million) The canines might desire to be under pressure. This reasons some canines to no longer drink or eat, and then finally ends up in larger issues 2) The canines might desire to be unwell, wherein case you definately want to take it on your vet. 3)The canines might desire to easily no longer be hungry/thursty, yet it is way less probable considering the fact that they want foodstuff, so probability is there is a few reason your canines does not have an urge for foodstuff. 4) it is extra a reason your canines isn't seeming hungry- they could be having enamel issues. I had an older canines who had problems along with her tooth and we would soak her foodstuff in heat water until it softened and then known because it "gravy" and she or he might eat that if it did no longer get tooooo mushey. My superb advice could be to take your canines to the vet, who can be able to furnish you a diagnosis it is particular on your case.

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    hi there

    whats ur temp in the tank and do u have a uv light as well as the heat lamp(no heat rock i hope... very dangerous)

    that might be the contribit to him not eating if its too cold they will not eat just like any other reptile... basking area is around 90-100F cool side should b around 80-90f...the same as what a bearded dragon would be...hope this help... good luck ...happy new years...

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