Does anyone want to race me in Mario Kart DS on Wi fi?

If you have Mario Kart DS Wi Fi and want to challange me, please leave you name and friend code here and tell me when to go on. I kinda wanna go on and race right now.

heres mine:

Name: RipBunny

FC: 167591-495214

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I just got my DS today and I have no idea how to use wifi. I have wireless internet in my house..but it says it can't connect...

  • bossie
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    4 years ago

    hi, i'm a gamer, merely such as you. i'm additionally quite experienced with hacking video games. the two with the aid of study and actually fiddling around on my very own. i visit wholesomely assure you that there are merely some hackers obtainable who could be dishonest on Mario Kart Wii. quite then bore you with all the justifications, i visit merely state the main obvious one: The DS is relatively VERY confusing to hack. inspite of the right kit mandatory to break open the DS, it remains a count of understanding each and every thing relating to the interest and the way it became programmed. So in short there does no longer be too many hackers obtainable that are able, muchless prepared to place the attempt in to it. As for merely dishonest with codes or whatnot, there are not the variety of codes interior the interest. How ever there are some tricks that are used for all time on wireless. lots of which, with some prepare of direction, everybody can do. the least confusing and maximum probable one being the Drafting trick. In Mario Kart (considering the fact that N64 a minimum of) there's a gadget referred to as Drafting. it relatively is making use of the air from the participant in front of you, to tug you with the aid of. merely making use of in the back of them for a quick time, provides you with a enhance of speed that would desire to provide help to bypass them. making use of this technique repeatedly, in many circumstances with a selection of of different gamers, might reason an extremely speedy end to a tournament. (Draft from the guy in front of you, then enable them to do the comparable, then repeat the trick until the race is over. ) The unexpected bursts of speed that a participant can get, accompanied with the aid of the abrupt drop in circulation, might desire to alright account for the matters you're experiencing. it is to no longer say that i'm ruling out wireless interference. of direction on the spot internet of any variety is going to have some hiccups here and there. asserting that it does not is outright retarded. in spite of the undeniable fact that for the time of this occasion I do have self assurance that it has much less to do with hackers, or undesirable internet. instead i think of it has extra to do with a number of your opponents understanding some tricks with the video games physics.

  • 1 decade ago

    not really

  • 1 decade ago

    dont feal like playing but thanks anyways

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