Help!my Guy exchange love mails and calls with his ex they've not met for 6 years.?

I have been with my boy for over 6 years and realised that he has been having a type of phone relationship with his ex-girlfriend. This disturbs me a lot and is a great problem in my relationship. He claims it's all platonic but i don't believe him for I caught a mail where they were telling each other how much they love themselves. I love him and don't know what to do to change this situation.Please I need your advice.

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    How much they love themselves or each other? How long has it been going on? It is possible to be friends with someone you used to be with, but then he shouldn't hide it. So, it sounds like some rekindling is happening here. You're really going to have to find proof for yourself that more is happening or believe your gut. Deep down, we know when someone is doing us wrong.

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    I think, your boy is retaking the past relationship with his ex again. You need to be aware of that, if there is nothing between them, he should had introduce you to her already and not acting on his back. Certainly he is laying to you and not telling you the truth!

    You need to act soon and very intelligent! Bring back all the reasons of why he got in love with you, start again being sweet, sexy, and HOT for him. talk to him but don't turn yourself into a nagging woman, you must be intelligent, this is a matter of competition... Talk to him in a very loving way, make him to understand that he is putting your relation at risk and try to spend more time with him, enjoy with him, spice your life with him so he will realized that it is not worth to lose you!

    You need to be very intelligent in how to handle this situation without acting like a jealous drama queen!

    Send him love notes, turn him on and experiment more techniques of sex with him..

    Good luck hon!

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    get rid of his @ss! if he's not physical with her yet, HE WILL BE!

    if you put up with it it will continue and go on and on and on........................well, you get the picture? and the fact that he lied to you should give you a huge clue too. re-think this love thing too. how can you love someone who would treat you this way? don't you deserve to be treated with some common courtesy? 6 years is a long time, i know, but come on, you deserve so much better. dump him, before you end up in even more emotional pain than you are already in.

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    Your best bet is to break up with him. You won't like this at first but in the end it will work out the most. He will probably end up sleeping with her so either leave him or have him stop writing those letters and talking on the phonse immedietly.

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  • Anonymous
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    TELL HIM TO STOP IMMEADIATLEY !!!!if he doesnt get rid of him he sounds like a real a**

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