Am I A Crossdresser Or Transsexual?

Since I was 6, now 22, I've had the urge to dress as a woman and off and on over the years, I've done just that and have gotten away with it. Sometimes I've gone months or even years of going without dressing up and forgetting about it, but then sometimes (like now) the urge comes back stronger than ever. Where I picture myself being a woman, wanting to be one, wishing I had a female body, boobs, etc. Then sometimes the feeling (maybe due to guilt) will go away and I'll forget about it... only later for it to come back stronger. A lot of times I fantasize about being made love to as a woman from a man (I prefer the men) and enjoying it. Fantasizing about giving birth, and just a lot of female things.

I don't hate being a male, but when I get into wanting to be a woman, it just feels right. I feel complete when dressed up, like me. If I'm wearing feminine attire, it just feels a lot better and that's not even counting how much more comfortable it is (O.K., maybe not all of it!).


For some reason, I do not feel repressed... it's as if this completely other side comes out and it feels quite exhilerating and fabulous. I also love the glamour and feeling pretty and feminine. My self-esteem comes alive. For me, personally, a lot of people around me say that I have a very feminine personality, that I respond and act like a woman and, honestly, they're probably right. I have a feminine mind, there's no question. I have a big feminine side to me, LOL, obviously! But it is interesting... a lot of times with women, I will look at them more in envy if anything. If I see this beautiful woman or something, rather than thinking: "OMG, what a hottie!" I'll just think: "Man, I wish I had that body or I'd kill to look like that!" Or "Why can't that be me?" Of course, being 6'1" and over 200 pounds, the chances of looking convincing are miniscule, as it is.

Update 2:

I've gone a year currently without dressing up and I've done well, but times like now, the urge just comes back strongly and I'm just trying to hold back rather than do it.

Instead of rambling on, which I know I am doing, I guess the crux of the matter is this: I am wondering, am I just a crossdresser or a transsexual? Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year's!

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    hi, Reginald, I'm 20 near your age and am a m2f transsexual myself and for years have seen and heard from crossdressers who end up going down the same path as a transsexual, my personal thoughts is that your neither a crossdresser nor transsexual, you sound like a transvestite. you maybe a transsexual but as much as you may hate to hear this, transsexuals dont like being the sex they are, that's usually the first thing that sets off a big NO to a therapist that tells him/her that your not a TS. that and the fact that you arnt hating the clothes you wear daily, you like being in fem alot of times but in all honesty i dont think your a TS but merely a TV, that's my personal thoughts, from learning how therapist can tell if your a TS or not, but dont feel bad if you dont like my opinion I'm not a therapist or doctor. Ive ready many books about therapy and physcology. but in all aspects the best way for you to find out if you are a transsexual or not is to go see a gender identity therapist.

    Source(s): lol don’t worry about your height I know transsexual who are 6ft to 6ft6, it doesn’t matter about your height or weight or looks when your a transsexual, the only thing that matters is being happy, let society judge you, but most of all just be happy being the sex you want and wish :-)
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    This Site Might Help You.


    Am I A Crossdresser Or Transsexual?

    Since I was 6, now 22, I've had the urge to dress as a woman and off and on over the years, I've done just that and have gotten away with it. Sometimes I've gone months or even years of going without dressing up and forgetting about it, but then sometimes (like now) the urge comes back...

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    Honey, you are a Crossdresser and there is nothing you can do about it or should you.

    Regardless of what bigots may tell you, there is nothing wrong with being one.

    I am a Crossdresser and have been for many years. As far as my sexuality is concerned, I sleep with one and only one woman (not a CD or TS) and desire no other. I enjoy dressing and being a woman, yet keeping my masculinity. I have no wishes or desires to change that. My story is on my website.

    You should not shun this part of you away, it is only a natural part of you. You desire to express your inborn femininity as all CD's do. Do so. Revel in it! Enjoy it! Love the feel of 'taboo' clothing against your skin! Enjoy and embrace the inner woman in you that society demands that be hidden.

    There are plenty of places you may wish to check out, like Tri-Ess as an example.

    Do what feels right. Enjoy the freedom that wearing a skirt can bring, the luxuriance that pantyhose and and more. Don't let bigots and small minded idiots tell you differently.

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    A crossdresser.

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    You are a Being who is Human! You are exploring these things. I'd suggest being as "girly" or "manly" as you desire to be. Express yourself fully, in your attire, your attitude and your outlook on life.

    The Gender "scale" is a fluid one.

    The Sexuality "scale" is also a fluid one.

    And these are two distinct lines, unrelated to eachother.

    The majority of people fall towards either end of those lines, hence we have Males & Females, Homosexuals and Hetrosexuals. There are many people that fall within these lines on either, or both, the Gender scale and Sexuality scale.

    Some therapy may help to answer your questions. Like the other answer given here though, you may want to do the online tests to at least get a starting point in understanding yourself.

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    Let me describe what a typical cross dresser is...

    His early life is typically assoicated with positive experiences with the female gender. He has a high admiration for females. When he reaches puberty he may try on some feminine clothes, a slip, a skirt, a wig, and dress... Then BOOM!! The experience causes a high, a sensation of sexual gratification, well-being, pleasure and self-identity. Its as if his brain is releasing a series of neurotransmitters association with the addiction response.

    After this the person wants more and more. He tries harder and harder to achieve his "high". He tries on more clothes, make-up, shoes, and on and on, until he creates a female alter-ego. Then he gives his alter-ego a name. Eventually he falls in love with his female alter-ego.

    Most cross dressers are heterosexual and most get married. They want their wives to encourage their cross dressing. Their wives soon tire of this and complain that they feel like their husband's second love. If he has children they are taught to keep daddy's secret or risk the ridicule of their peers. When the cross dresser gets into his 40's he begins a period of crisis. He takes greater risks with his cross dressing. He considers surgery. He may even abandon his wife and family to pursue his first love.

    Cross dressers feel a NEED to wear feminine clothes just like an addiction.

    Some questions for you: When you wear women's clothes does it make you have an errection? Does it heighten the experience of masterbation? After you masterbate then does the urge to cross dress diminish? If not, and dressing up only feels comfortable and more complete, then you may not be a cross dresser and may be transgendered.

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    Sorry from your question I can't seem to determine your sexual orientation. Crossdressers are usually straight. I really don't know a great deal about transexuals...but you sound to me like you could be. But you obviously are quite comfortable and honest with yourself and those are great qualities to have. Happy New Year!

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    You seem like both, but more-so actually trans-gendered then transexual, you sound like you want to have the sex-change, and you should start visiting doctors and therapists before it gets too late to live your life as a woman..

    Though homosexuality and transexuality have nothing to do with each other, you may be gay, or at very least bi as well, but really you dont have to worry about it, because through the process of your sex-change if you decide to go that way, sex will be the last thing on your mind..

    Source(s): Growing up with a transexual father 3 years away from surgery helped me learn some things
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    Right now I'd say your just a cross-dresser, but if you start having stronger urges to be a woman, then I'd suggest you get some counseling.

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    At this point you are a cross dresser. you become a transexual when you start the process of your sex change. It almost sounds like you'd like to have a sex change. Go do a doctor that specializes in this area and get some help. No sense in repressing who you are.

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