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how do i get the audio off a video i found on youtube to make my own video with?

I have a MacBook and I want to take a video on (The Kitty Cat Dance) and make my own version using the song. Is there any way I can get the audio saved in iTunes or iMovie?

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    Using firefox download the extension videodownloader follow the instructions.

    Once you've downloaded the video you have to convert it to an M-PEG 4 format with the Allok Video to iPod Converter an you should be good to go

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    Here's a hardware solution that will work for any sound in any type of file. I gave pretty much the same answer in a question about ripping sound from flash files.

    Buy a cable with 1/8" stereo mini male jacks on both ends. Radioshack is a good place to do this or you can just search for them online at Froogle or Yahoo Shopping.

    You'll also need a sound recording program. On a Mac I assume that would be GarageBand.

    Plug one end of the cable into your line out port in your computer (the one that external speakers would plug into) and the other end into your microphone port. There should be headphone and microphone symbols by these holes to guide you but it doesn't matter what order you plug these in as long as you have one end of the cable plugged into each.

    Have both your browser and GarageBand open. Hit the record button in GarageBand and quickly switch to your browser and start the video. Stop recording after the video is done playing.

    Basically the sound data goes directly from your sound out port into your microphone port so you won't have to worry much about static or external noise or anything like that. Just make sure you don't have the volume up too high. You'll probably want to trim the beginning and ends of the sound file you generate if there's a long delay between when you started recording and when you started playing the video.

    I don't know the details about exporting to mp3 from GarageBand but I assume there is some way to export.

    Like I said before, you can do this for all kinds of files instead of just youtube videos. Any time you have a sound playing on your computer such as from movies or games or anything else at all, you can do this to record the sound into a file. The cable is cheap and you don't need a long one since the two jacks shouldn't be more than two inches apart.

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    No really. You have to have a Audio recording program to do it. I have little expeince with a Mac, so i dont know any. Your best bet is to search the internet for the song name.

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    Here's a simple application that can record audio from any application.

    Thank you in advance for the best answer.

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