Going to the army?

I personally never want to fight in or join a war. Killing anyone is something I never want to do. We're just killing people who might have been also drafted against their will. I might just flee the country or go to jail so I won't have to fight. Am I a coward, or should I "fight for my country."

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    you do know that the military is NOT all about killing people! (I hate the ignorance of people sometimes!) - I'm not blaming you, it's mostly the media's fault

    Well, here's my suggestion for you. If we do start a draft you can join another branch, AF or Navy or reserves or guard and get a desk job. (or, be a doctor, nurse, hospital tech, mechanic, dentist, cook, work in finance, supply, etc)

    (I don't think less of you for not wanting to go to war. Not many people (military or civilian) want to carry a weapon and use it on another human being.)

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    Are you planning on joining the army? If you feel that way about fighting you really shouldn't. When you swear an oath while joining the service you agree to follow orders, even if that means killing. If you cannot fulfill that oath it would be dishonorable to join and you would put other's lives at risk.

    For the rest, you haven't been very clear. Are your freedoms worth defending? Would you fight if we were invaded? How about if your home were invaded? How about if your family were attacked? Your relatives? Where do you draw the line or would you sit still for somebody attacking you personally? Until you have dealt with those situations in your mind you haven't really addressed the issues.

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    Just go about your life boy because you don't have to worry about a draft.

    Just let the men and women that went before you die and sacrafice so you can enjoy the good life.

    If there were a draft you would be outed in the first week as mentally unfit; no need to run off to Canada.

    I do not knw if you are a coward, but you DO NOT have what it takes to be a member of the US Military, so live with that if you can.

    USN 1964-

    Honorary Marine Corps DI

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    The Army is not that bad man. I had the same impression of the military before I joined but it is (in most cases) like any other job you just move more often. If there is a draft join the Navy or Air Force and your odds of killing someone will be less.

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    you really DONT have to go fight in a war for America. The armed forces dont want people that dont want to be there because an unwilling soldier is the most dangerous man alive. The "selective service" is an official government count of men between the ages of 18 and 27 years old. Its in case our government is in such a horrible emergeency, the government can 'guess" how many soldiers might enlist.

    Source(s): there were THOUSANDS of casualies from the weapons in the hands of unwilling soldiers. Many of whom turned their weapons on their own platoons. THAT is the truth behind doing away with the draft.
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    samanthas full of feathers shes never been near a pack or a rifle and cant say what happens anywhere because they dont publish the internal affairs of the army or any branch in the papers ,, heres the truth if theres a draft go and sign up as usual now wait when and if they pull your number , you have to pass hearing and sight and health check ups just smoke a joint and piss inthe cup, your home or tell the pyche doctor you find him strangly attractive,, and or when they do the bend over test for hemorroids and piles just look at everyone ,,and when they say dont look ,,look some more,, and when they pull you out of the room,, say wasnt that a treat all that man asse ,, see your home,,, tell every one your feet were flat .. i did three years airborne at ft bragg and three years in a mash unit active reserve and its no pic-nic ,, but if i could do it anyone can .

    Source(s): being afraid isnt an answer , try this in viet nam 2 percent of the 765,000 that were there under nixon maybe 15,000 were ground trops and active rifle toting soldgers the rest ran the PX and the supplies and the hospitals and the fuel pumps see theres jobs galore in the services name it they have one
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    Don't Join if you don't want to, otherwise you will end up getting others killed by your unwillingness to serve. There are other ways to honorably serve your country besides the military

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    hey you dont have to join the army now..most people have decided to join the navy or airforce when ever the draft becomes a need like (WW3)wich want be fought with soldiers but with warheads but look at it this way we all gotta die some day ! !

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    I believe that the military is only one of many honorable ways you can serve. The primary mission of the Army is to fight our nation's wars.

    If you don't want to go to war, I won't call you names, but don't join the Army!

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    If you want to live and this country, be proud of it. You should WANT to defend it. Some people just don't know how good they have it.

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