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Is there a law in Massacusetts that forbids sale of alcohol to out of state residents on New years Eve?

I am from a neighboring state and was at a liqour store in Mass but was refused service because they stated it was against the law to accept out of state idenitifcation on new years eve. I had to call my girlfriend to drive from her home (thankfully only 10 minutes away and she is a mass resident) to come and buy the alcohol for me. I am 24 year old and am rarely ID'ed and this is the first time i was refused. Any help?

I just want to know if from now i should stay away from MAss when looking to make liquor purchases....

I bought a bottle of Chianti and a 6pk of Coronas

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It often depends on the store policies. I used to work at a convenience store here in Mass and after a few slip ups that resulted in the store almost losing their license they got very strict and stopped accepting out of state and any temporary IDs. The reason why stores are often reluctant to accept out of state IDs is that each state is different so it is hard for a clerk to know what the licenses for all 50 states should look like. I've been on both sides of the issue and it's never fun!

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