someone help on this movie?

okay hi i watch this movie it was on USA network on direct tv channel 242 theres a family that lives in a house and they are very rich...they have a dog a daughter which is the main character..a dad and a mom ...theres this guy in the movie that like that girl that is rich...he starts botherin her and that girl didint really like that that girl told her dad and her dad starts to tell that guy to leave her daughter alone....when that guy left ..her ex bf starts hitting his chest really hard with his fist...and now nicole wich is the girl she feels bad for him and blame it on her dad she leaves and now so on so on ummm.......the guy gets mad about somethin and he trys breakin in the house...someone help please....dont have no i dead what movie this is give me titles of what you think the movie is

2 Answers

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