Le Cordon Bleu College In Las Vegas Thoughts?

I'm currently enrolled and starting my sixth month in January, 07. I'm starting to really get disenfranchised with the school for reasons I can not explain and some I can (the other students for one). Has anyone gone to the school and experienced the same thing or am I just trippin'?


I think I am becoming disillusioned with the school. I love the classes but there is just something that is annoying me with the school and I think you have to be going there to see it. Or it could just be me. Sometimes I feel like I am in High School and not College and that is bugging the hell out of me.

Also, I am going through Student Loans so Let's just say I owe a grip a cash once I graduate

Update 2:

Okay, Maybe I'm not coming across the way I wanted. So here is what I'm saying. I do want to be in the Culinary Field and it's not the teachers or instructors that are high school it's the students. Most seem to be way too immature and for lack of a better term, "ghetto" it's pretty pathetic. But being that these kids are the way they are, it's getting in the way of my education due to the fact of how disruptive and incompetent they are in the lab and lecture classes.

This is a second career for me and the one I was in previously makes the Culinary field look like romper room. i was in the Music Business in L.A.

Hope this explains a little further. Thanks for all the comments.

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    Why Cordon Bleu ? You could have gone to The Community College of Southern Nevada's Culinary Program [ located on the Cheyenne campus ] and saved a lot of money in the process w/o sacrificing the educational component. If you then decided that the culinary world was still for you,you could have transferred to the UNLV's Culinary Arts Management -CAM- program.

    The problem with expensive programs like Cordon Bleu is the ROI aspect. You are investing a lot of money for a job that doesn't pay particularlly well and takes a long time to amortize the debt incurred.

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    Expensive??????? I know you can just as good a culinary education at about 1/5th the price. When you say Le Cordon Bleu, I think, you must have ching!

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    What on earth ... Le Cordon Bleu School and YOU are getting disenfranchised with the school ..... I don't have a clue as to what you mean .. Are you saying you are become disillusioned with the school? Or that you aren't buying it any more?

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    It sounds like you need to decide if culinary school is what you want or the food industry, is where you want to go. If they are treating you like you are in high school and you don't like it, what will happen when a Chef treats like you aren't human? or when you get screamed at and are kicked off a line because you cant keep up with the crush of a slammer? Or when the old line cooks mess with you constantly cause your'e a FNG?

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