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exactly what is going on in Marvel comics today?

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    There's a civil war going on, which, I think, the writers are trying to make reflect the status of gun control and government control. It seems to be backfiring, though, because Iron Man (the rich Republican) is in favor of government control, while Captain America (the Everyman Democrat) is in favor of letting us protect ourselves. When it comes to things like gun control (or in this case powers control) the Democrats are in favor of abolishing them and letting the government do all the work in protecting us. Cap's view of letting us protect ourselves is closer to the Republican view of protecting ourselves by arming ourselves. Let me know how you see that.

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    Everybody on earth is wrapped up in the civil war, but the kree, skrulls, and all of the cosmic super types are involved in the annihilation storyline. Annihilus (old Fantastic Four bad guy) is invading from the negative zone in an attempt to destroy all life. He started by killing the entire Nova Corps excluding Richard Rider, and now the few remaining kree troops are being joined by Nova, the Super-Skrull, Ronan, and even Galactus and his former heralds to stop Annihilus.

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    I lost track a few years ago. New Xmen was great when Morrison was writing, and Whedon's Astonishing Xmen was and is fantastic, because Kitty's back on the team and Colossus is back from the dead. Don't know what happened to Thor, but from whats going on in Civil War, he died at some point. The rest of the books and characters I haven't looked into.

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    I don't know either,but they sure are making a mess of things - bring back the proper artists and writers and restore my faith in the world of comics.

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    civil war

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    I dont know

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