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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 decade ago

how old r guys when they start getting....?


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    well mainly depends on your nationality but usually round about the age of 12-13 your physical make up has a lot to with it as well

    if you are sexually active at this time it will produce faster

    so i would suggest practice safe sex at all times to be on the safe side how ever i have known of some males to produce spem even earlier !!

    just some friendly advice


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    Sperm cells are the smallest cells in the human body. They are with all males at birth, yet hormone variances during puberty chemically tell them to mature. They also live for 72 hours max. So, they need to regenerate. This is done automatically or manually (if so inclined). Automatically, is what is known as a wet dream, or are released (dead) from the urethra when males urinate. Hope this helps.

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    depends on the guy, anywere from like 12-16 with some exceptions

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well im not sure, but there hormones start getting out of control around 12 and then at 14....its awful!!!! but then MOST of them are more mature and less....crude when there about 17 MOST.

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