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if i take up BS ECE, is there a possibility that i can be an audio engineer?


if i want to be an audio engineer what bachelor degree fits for me?

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  • eric l
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    1 decade ago
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    If you are willing to start at the bottom. Get the degree and then ask if you can intern for free during a summer or two. Then get a job at the lowest rung in audio engineering. Your degree with results will put you on a fast track to the top.

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  • Intern for free? Start at the bottom? What are you talking about? He's asking about being an engineer, not a fry cook.

    To answer the question, EE will get you a job on the hardware side - if you want to design the electronics.

    If you're talking about designing acoustic components, like speakers, and whatnot - acoustics is on the ME side. You'd either need to go ME or take classes in acoustics.

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