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Question regarding health and repeated workplace chemical exposure?

I work for a multistate industrial and office specialty cleaning Corporation. I am a special projects person whom specializes in floor care. A large amount of fluids I use in cleaning are hazardous. I have been using the latex gloves provided for in handling these chemicals and through time have experienced that the chemicals have leached through the said provided gloves that I been using for 2 years(I purchased special gloves to handle very well the rigors and chemicals) Anyway, prior to purchasing my gloves, I experienced excessive dryness,cracking,blistering of the hands. I believe in purchasing may have been a little late in the game as my fingernails have totally stopped growing and by observations are reseding and disfigured. I have constant headaches,nausea. going unnoticed a few times while using the chemicals and provided latex gloves the gloves had deteriorated and chemicals had permeated into my blisters.

will my ailments go away? increasing forgetfulness as well.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your employer has Material Safety Data Sheets on each chemical or compound that you can come in contact with on the job. Ask for them, read them, see if they clear anything up for you.

    If you have unexplained symptoms, take copies of the MSDSs with you to the doctor so he knows what you've been in contact with. There will be no charge for this - it's covered under your state workers' program.

  • Dotr
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    1 decade ago

    Quit your job! See your Dr. chemicals are contraversial.

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