Why does Aeris die in the end of FF7?

Sepiroth kills her but why? and why does cloud lay her to rest in the lifestream?

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    Sephiroth kills her because he wants to affect Cloud negatively, by killing a person close to him. She also reappears in the Kingdom hearts series without the sword in her.

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    Sephiroth, or to be more precise Jenova in Sephiroth's form decided to eliminate Aerith since Jenova considered her as a threat to its plan to control Holy.

    Aerith was planning to speak to Holy and ask it to move, so that it can defend itself against Meteor. She used the White Materia to speak to Holy. Jenova didn't want her to speak to Holy.

    Aerith smiled when she saw Cloud before Jenova's Sephiroth stabbed her, hinting that she had made contact. Later on, the characters check on whether or not Aerith has made contact, by examining the White Materia. The White Materia glowed, contact was made.

    In the final ending movie, Holy move.

    Cloud lay Aerith to rest in the underground lake, the lake seems to be connected directly with Holy.

    Cloud lay her there because it's the closest and it's fitting for her to buried in her people's place. Besides, the animation of the hair was quite nice when she go down.

    Aerith spirit has reunited with Holy.

    Her body? Well, she could still use it if Holy grant it or it can be recycled back to the planet/earth. She can even get a new body. Or she can always start again from birth.


    It's possible that Aerith want to be killed, because Cloud (who was linked to Jenova and Sephiroth) was called and the gate to the underground temple was opened. She might have used it as a decoy to trick Jenova or as a way to be closer with Holy.

    There have been talks around, about on how Square planned to bring back Aerith in the middle of the game through some sort of quest, but it was cancelled since it took too much time to be developed. It's probably similiar to the quest to look at the sunken White Materia.

    Pure rumors or not, I don't know. But when the characters regrouped in the North Cave (before the final boss level and also before fighting Sephiroth), there's a unfilled gap among the characters. It being a symbolic thing or an unused spot, I don't know.

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    Sephiroth kills her because she is the last remaining Cetra a.k.a. "Ancient" (a true one, not someone with Jenova cells). She has a lot of power, potential power to kill Sephiroth and save the world from Meteor. She also possesses the Holy materia which Cloud later has to go back and get in order to kill Sephiroth in the final battle.

    Cloud lays her in the Lifestream because that is where everyone ultimately returns, the Lifestream is meant to be peaceful, but it also has negative effects on the human body in its pure unaltered form (Cloud's Mako Poisoning)

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    sepheroph kills her because she is praying to the earth to stop the meteor

    cloud puts her in the stream because its right where she dies and so she can retern back to gaia faster

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    cus ff 7 died too

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