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What are the most famous characteristics of Russian people? Tell me in turn.?

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    To stay away from stereotypes - Russians aren't always drunk.

    They are however very open and hospitable people, so people are always visiting eachother. A glass of vodka or champanskii is than often being offered, with a lot of food normally. Also it is a Russian mentallity to look at things from the darker side, therefore they sometimes look depressed.

    I've got to know Russians as friendly and passionate people!

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    The answer can be splitted in several parrts:


    In the past people knew the neighbours' names and visited them oftenly. It was normal to borrow an onion or matches. Sometimes some people behaves like in the past.


    Russia is only a part of this big country USSR. All people were Russians then. Now Russia is separated. People drink less. In the big cities Russians have becoming more capitalist than Americans:). Time becomes more precious resourse.


    All Russians are used to drink a lot. Now the situation is changed. The capitalisme makes its job:). Majority of people in the big cities do not have time anymore to drink because they have to wake up morning.


    In the small cities the time stopped. People even now live like in USSR. They borrow onions and drink cheap vodka.


    It is true that we have bears! I saw last summer one in zoo:)


    Russians that are older they are more hospitable people. The teenagers are rude and fast. Many teenagers became millinaires in Russia. They use for it IT and capitalisme rules.


    We always had problems with money. Now we have the most difficult times when the prices are growing and the time becomes more expensive.


    Moscow city is a country in the country. Moscow is more European now. All multinationals are here. I work for one. Hard Rock cafe, McDonald's, holidays in Egypt and Turkey became a part of the life. Coca Cola is not very drinkable here now. People want to have healthy body and visit fitness.


    One hotel room is beginning from $300/night. Fitness = $1500/year. Studio = $130,000, Toyota Corolla = $19,000, English courses at British council = $500/month, Average salary in Moscow = $1,000/month, Taxi = $20/hour, Restaurants = $50-$1,000/person.


    They are really beautiful! Many foreigners live in Moscow only for this. When you walk by subway you can see a lot of beautiful girl there. So come and see, and maybe more! Do not send money to scam girls cause they like foreigners:)

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    I'm English and I've lived in Russia for a few years and would never leave. My boyfriend is Russian, I have lots of Russian friends and my Russian is almost fluent.

    I love the people. They are funny, sociable and would give you their last kopek if you asked them. It's the best place on earth, in my personal opinion.

    I have to comment on Yana's answer though. Sweeite, you can't stick your head in the sand. Russia does have a serious vodka problem. I'll also say to you what I have said in arguments to 1000's of Russians. If the USSR won the Second World War single-handed, just who exactly was fighting the western front against Nazi Germany??

    Russia is my home now and I would defend her against anything, but not by denigrating other cultures and countries. Russians have their faults like anyone else.

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    I am not a Russian, nor had ever visited Russia. What I know about Russia is what I learned from history books. But I can say without any doubt that the Russians are very brave and courageous people. The many wars inflicted on Russia had proven this.

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    Stereotype characteristic is that they are always drunk on vodka. Our local Rotary Club had several Russians as guests. They pestered our members with wanting to go shopping all the time. And boy can they shop till they drop! They were not sensitive to the feelings of our members if they were already fatigued. They have no respect for personal time. I am not saying that all Russians are like these. But this is our experience of them.

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    1)smoke as a mutual habit..

    2)women in beautiful boots and thights even if it s winter


    4)most of them are drunk during holiday season

    5)it is difficult to trust russian men for long term relationship

    6)LADA cars are all over the place

    7)they are animal lovers despite staying in small living spaces such as apartments.

    8)Most of the food sold in restaurant were tuskish or Ukranian food.

    9) I am a little confused with their restaurants as they also have the bar settings with lots of alchohol sold and pool table.

    10)They love House or Techno music rather than HIp hop or Rn B

    11)Many of them are nationalists despite being a multiracial country!!

    12)They are hard working and may have two jobs.

    13)They spit on the street and throw cigarette buts everywhere..

    14)Men are gentlemen when it comes to treating a woman for dates but they are assholes when it comes to relationships

    15)And i wonder who is St nicholas in the orthodox church..

    16)Busses are overly packed during winter..people squeeze in and usually i can't breathe

    17)Many of them can speak and know english but they are unlikely to speak to you in english. They are very proud of their language.

    18)it s amazing the resemblance between people from Kazakstan and siberia with the chinese!!

    19)They have a huge market place filled with people from china and vietname.

    20)i have no idea why people can stay skinny despite the winter,depressions and high calorie food intake ..

    21)during spring and coming summer, you may find a lot of nudes in the parks!suprises me

    22)we have fireworks everytime during the holiday season.

    23)They pay lowly on doctors..sadly to say as i was planning to stay.

    24)Russian women are beautiful but sorry to say russian men in general lack of hygiene especially in the winter.

    25)It is true to say that many russians are racists..especially shown during the revolution day..foreigners or even russians who has asian look need to stay out of the streets you might not know when the nationalist will attack..

    26)it s great you can just pick up a taxi or car pool anywhere .

    27)Inflation is a huge problem here in russian,prices of food,clothing and materials keep increasing in multiple folds year by year..

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    oh God! i read all of this answers...and feel so awful cause of all those words you guys wrote here...how can you say so many bad things about russian people?????? so we always drunk on vodka, look awful..and so on???? you probably never been to russia ...russian people are kind, fun and lovely . and by the way our girls are the most beautiful in the world...:) and one more thing....dont forget that thanks mostly to our grandfathers all the europe live in peace now. cause the ussr won the world war 2 ...and after that you say that we are so bad people ;( its so sorry you really think so...

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    All the russians i knew (and i knew a lot) where very nice people!

    They are kind, generous, friendly, non-racists human beings.

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    i agree with Yana 100%(above)Russian ppl really friendly and women are beautiful,oriented on family...it's not true that all russian ppl like to drink vodka and all girls scams....it's really sad when some girls doing this,but not all them like that!

    (Iam russian and happy with my husband american)

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    okay lets get all of this bull **** straight!

    I am russian.

    Always have been.

    Always will be.

    We are beautyful.

    We are very clever and smart.

    We dont drink as much as u think

    we party alot but its cuz we are fun loving people.

    we care about each other and if our sosediy needs to barrow spichki we give it to them!!

    we arn't rude we are freaking down to earth.


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