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In the end of Final Fantasy 7 what happens?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The spin off movie end is quite different...

    All the "friends" help Cloud Strife to destroy the "hellish dragon", forgot his name sorry!

    And finally Cloud finds some peace about Aerith (s) 'death and seems to realise how Tifa...

    Well, usual fairy-tale stuff!

    I am as old as the planet, guys, but this is so...

    If I lie?

    Go to my 360° and you'll see!

  • 1 decade ago

    If you are talking about the PS1 Game Cloud and Sephroth Fight eachother. Sephroth take the form as a large monster (Jenova) and you fight till you win or die and come back later from a save and try again. Once you beat that version (which comes after a few battles oviously) you are "thrown" into a white screen with only you and Sephroth. Your specal bar will charge very quickly without you doing anything and then you will choose to use the Omni-Slash (you choose it from the menu like always but it is the only thing lighted while the others are dimmed and unusable. You will preform the Omni-Slash, which looks pritty cool anyway, which is the special where Cloud runs up to the oponent and slashes them with his large sword very quickly and continiously, then Cloud Jumps into the air and does a powerfull vertical slash. This kills Sephroth and simple enough, you win the game. lol

  • E A C
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    1 decade ago

    In the end, the whole planet was refornatted.

    The TV series Transfromers: Beast Machine uses a similiar ending.

    Back to Final Fantasy VII.

    In the end, Holy (the planet/earth) basically eliminate everything it considered to be harmful to it, everything eliminated by Holy were gone in a blinding flash. Meteor too was eliminated.

    Aerith was also seen in the final scene in a similiar way like in the first scene, it showed on how much alive she really is and things have gone full circle.

    Flash forward 500 years into the future after the ending credits ended.

    The planet was shown to be peaceful and full of nature.

    Red XIII / Nanaki was shown with cubs of his species, it seems that he no longer the only one of his species.

    The family climb to a hill, then we are shown a naturalized Midgar, with lots of nature, and also the shoreline has moved closer to the city.

    But no humans were shown.

    Were the humans also eliminated by Holy?

    Then when the logo of Final Fantasy VII was shown, we heard children laughing.

    Could it be the laughing came from human children?

    Could it be they were the characters of Final Fantasy VII reincarnated as children? Laughing at the events in Final Fantasy VII when they remember the events. It was mentioned in the game that they will look back at their experiences and reflect on it, Aerith mentioned they will laugh.

  • Cloud *****-slaps Sephiroth's *** and grinds him into powder.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sephiroth kills Aeris ...and then Aeris'c boyfriend "Cloud" get angry and kicks sephiroth's *** and kill him

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