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Does anyone have an audio file of what an aardvark sounds like?

Three yr old granddaughter stumped me on this one.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There do not appear to be any aardvark sounds available on the net, outside of the possibility of finding them among collections of nature sounds available at cost, which does have the possibility of "leading to the acquisition of such sound clips" so I guess technically this answers the question, though I doubt this is the answer for which you were looking.

    I did find some descriptions of typical aardvark noises- they tend to make "snuffling" noises when they hunt their usual prey of ants, and outside of that they seem to be pretty quiet creatures. They are frequently referred to as "elusive" and "rare;" the aardvark knowledge base is somewhat limited. There is, however, much one can learn generally about Orycteropus. If you desperately need some aardvark-like sounds, it appears that pigs make noises that are quite similar, at least when they're "snuffling."

    If you wish to learn further, you may find some data, if you intensely search the link below.

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