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Ouch! i think i cracked my rib?

hey everyone. so i was snowboarding on thursdsy and i decided to try and hit a jump. well the first 3 times i just fell on my butt, no biggie. but the 4th time i totally ate in. my head biunced off the ground and everything. as soon as i hit my ribs felt broken. my dad then told me that if they were broken or cracked i would not be able to walk. now he is no doctor so i dont listen to him. on friday morning it hurt really bad for me to sit up. i mean this is a horrible pain. i thought it would be bruised and i am pretty sure the one side is. but the other side is really bad. when i touch it it is a sharp pain. it hurts to sit on the couch unless there is a pillow behind my back. i cant twist my upper body and it hurts to cough luagh or sneeze. i also just relized that when i touch it it feels like it moves. now i have a dance competition in dance. should i still dance with this? i do highland. also could it be cracked or broken,is it true that you cant walk if it was crakced or broken


als, it is one of the lower ribs. and it feels kinda loose. i cant remeber if i said that already

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    Your dad is wrong, you absolutely can walk with a cracked or broken rib.

    There's not much that can be done for a broken rib - the doctors can't put a cast on it, because you need to breathe. In fact, they'll encourage you to try to breathe deeply...if you don't, the lower parts of your lungs can develop problems. It will hurt, but you need to take a minute or two several times a day to take some slow deep breaths.

    That was how I knew I'd broken the rib - besides the sharp pain in my side, it was that taking deep breaths hurt. (I also had x-rays, of course) The other stuff you mentioned (coughing, laughing, sneezing) could just be from a serious bruise. Your ribs are all connected to muscles, so every time you do something that makes your chest move, if the muscles are bruised, it would be painful.

    I would go to the doctor and get it x-rayed, and the doc will have recommendations for you, especially re: the dancing.

    Source(s): I was in a car accident and broke a rib, then rebroke it about a month later (I lifted up my arms to cheer for something, and the muscles pulled it apart).
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    DO NOT DANCE!!! If the ribs were broken, you would have labored breathing. Your father is not necessarily correct, If the ribs were broken you can walk ( I do not advise you to do so). But if you do try to walk it is extremely painful, due to the pressure you put on your torso.


    By the way you explained it to me they are severely bruised, but not broken. Take 2 tylenol and 1 ibprofen ( better than perscribed pain killers) Elevate the legs. Do not get up or you can make your condition worse.

    Source(s): Dr. Stacy Denton
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    i don't really know if u cracked ur rib or not, but i can tell u that u should not dance with this pain. it is serious and, in this injury, u should not dance. i strongly advise u go see a doctor and get an x-ray.

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    My finger hurts I think I broke it. Sorry about your rib, might want to get it checked out.

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    Get yourself to a emergency room a.s.a.p. if your rib is broken of even fractured it can puncture your lung or other vital organs and possibly kill you.Better yet call 911 and have them get you there faster.

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    im no expert but it could be and u probaly shouldnt dance if it hurts like that u need to see a docter

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